Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interested in Modeling for Me?

First let me explain what TF is for the new models, TF is "TRADE FOR...." Time/Print/CD (one of those options). Generally I only do TFT and TFCD. TFCD will generally be delivered by direct download (from my server), if you do not have reliable internet I can mail or give you a CD in person.

TF Projects - DISCLAIMER!: My method of running my businesses is to reach the maximum level of efficiency and productivity. If you and anyone involved in working with me on production photoshoots, causes inefficiencies and low productivity we won’t work well together in any circumstances professionally. If you don’t value my work in any way DO NOT CONTACT ME, if you value my work you follow the entire processes needed to work a smooth production photoshoot. If I contact you and you’re reading this before you’ve responded to my message please take a strong look at my portfolio on my Model Mayhem portfolio AND my flickr photos at to view ALL of my publically released photos. If you think you’re not serious please DO NOT CONTACT ME, if you think you’re serious about working together you will follow my all processes I ask. If you cannot follow my processes you can choose one of the two options, 1) Hire me as a photographer or 2) Move onto another photographer. I am very flexible and negotiable if you tell me what is bothering you, I DO NOT read minds or speak “hint,” I speak straight forward ENGLISH. The following terms to our agreement/exchange MAY be negotiable until the end of our pre-production meeting, you traveling to my studio means you've already agreed to the terms.

Here's a guideline I expect any and all levels of models interested in working with me as a TF model.

Check this interesting article I wrote about the differences of "FOR FREE/FF" vs. TRADE FOR/TF [HERE]

  1. TF Status of Mine: Limited to Only Casting Calls and terms currently for most models you'd receive social media/web resolution photographic JPG file with a watermark for your digital online portfolio.

  2. Non-Agency Models Read TF Model Agreement [HERE], Agency Models have your agents call me with terms agreement.

  3. Check out the Casting Call Index [HERE]. (What is a Casting Call? It's a calling out for a specific type of photo shoot production.)

  4. Write/Type up your own concepts, keep until we meet in person/Skype for pre-production. (optional if you don't have your own concepts)

  5. Download and Read over Important Documents 
    1. TF Agreement 1 out of 3 [HERE]
    2. Model Release 2 out of 3 [HERE]
    3. Model Release 3 out of 3 [HERE]
    4. Post Production Process [HERE]
    5. Production Survey [HERE]
    6. Documents can be opened and viewed by Microsoft Word, Wordpad, or
    7. Print these documents and bring them with you for our pre-production meeting (if possible). If not possible please have them opened in the program during pre-production. 
  • Completed all of the above steps? 

    You then may contact me for we then can exchange phone numbers to setup a time/date for a pre-production meeting (for first time collaboration) in person, or in skype in a virtual meeting using a webcam.
    • Please read over the concepts and if printed circle the ones you want to do, and if can't print on Word "Highlight".
    • After our virtual meeting, please read this important article I wrote about prepping for a shoot with me [HERE] after or before this meeting takes place.
    • Please provide me your email for I can send you a E-Sign form to sign for the TF Agreement. (Required BEFORE or AFTER the pre-production meeting)

    • Contact infomation:
      1. Already have my number? Go to the next step below.
      2. Once you have contacted me with one of the above methods I will pass along my cell phone number and we'll then setup a pre-production meeting/meetup.

  • Any Questions, Concerns, Comments, Suggestions, etc. is welcomed (but in private please at one of the above contact methods or save them for the pre-production meeting and please properly read all materials to ensure all your questions and concerns are met.)
Don't want to go through the steps? Here are 2 options for you...

Option 1: Trade work with me and you is not going to work...we must be on the same page in order to make this work and following the above steps is the only way I will accept it if not you are not a serious model. But again, I am negotiable to a certain extent. 


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