Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do I Pay Models?

I will pay models only with the following criteria...
  1. If they have been published in a well known print publication within the past 6-12 months... I will pay a model with this criteria....
  2. If model is posing implied or/and nude, or/and bikini/lingerie ... 
  3. If I'm recruiting models for a commercial shoot, but generally as an industry standards commercial shoots relay on only agency models.
  4. Has a fantastic portfolio.

If you're a model other than what I've mentioned don't contact me with your rates unless you meet one or all of the mentioned criteria. I will not pay a model outside of the criteria.

Anytime I pay models I will require a full rights model release, if not, there is no reason to pay you... Unless you have portfolio rates for implied/nude rates, commercial rates and your portfolio rates are much lower than your commercial rates (at least 50% off).

Please ensure to read my "Prep for my Shoot" page as most on this page are required for all paid shoots. As well please download the following documents of the Model Releases you'll be required to sign before contacting me and have agreed and completely understood the model release. Left Click to activate the download, or Right Hand Click, Save as Target - Model Release 1 and - Model Release 2.

However, during TF work, when I work with TF models I give them the option to sell their work or they let me sell my work and split the profits 50/50, so any TF work can be paid only on a royalty basis (I may offer a buy-out for full rights and it would exclude any and all royalties) but I generally don't advertise selling my work, however I am open to any offers and once I get the offer(s) then I make an offer to the model(s) within the photo(s) from the parties of interest are interested in using photo(s) for commercial purposes or buying for personal usage, even if model/photographer are interested in selling directly to the open public is allowed just all profits are split 50/50. All sales won't start until both parties sign contracts stating specific agreements. 

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