I'm an intermediate to advanced hobbyist/part time professional photographer. I'm here to learn from the public and other forms of research I've received from the internet, college instructors, and professionals in the field of photography. As well, I would like to give an enormous Thank You to this person who have influenced me into making this website mostly based off his platform idea from his website, Dave Dugdale from "Learning DSLR Video" http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/. And another enormous Thank You to those who’ve have given me wisdom and advice of any sort when I searched for it from many different people from college instructors to professional photographers, hobbyist photographers, and to even educational websites like FroKnowsPhoto.com, PhotographerandModel.com, AdoramaTV.comStrobist.com, and many others!

This blog is to show my growth and journey as a photographer, as well share what I've learned regarding model photography. Such as giving my perspective to inspiring models about working with freelance photographers, photography techniques to other photographers, working with models as a photographer, and a whole lot more about photography.