Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TF Model References

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Testimonial From MM#: 1963275 TreyC Caps"I was comfortable through the entire experience with Chris Adval Productions. Each outfit change and concept moved quickly and the photographer allowed me to try my own ideas as well as his own. We did both outside and studio sessions and both ran smoothly. The pre/post production products came out great and I have many that I am able to use for my portfolio. I would work with this photographer again."

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Testimonial From MM#: 1967712 Miss Shadow: "I was pleased with my final results of our shoot, especially since it was your first time shooting outside. You seem educated about your equipment, so it was good we didn’t have to spend a lot of time while you changed settings. I didn’t experience any problems during the shoot with you specifically, so overall it was a good experience for both of us.” - June 2011

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Testimonial From MM#: 2154680 - Ash Amore: "As a complete beginner, Chris was the first person I've every worked with (ever). He takes his craft very seriously and you can see the effort he puts into his work. I can absolutely say that the communication was very consistent and the photos came out beautifully. He was able to help me get my feet wet with what I may expect in the future, and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. Also being able to be a part of post-production made me feel very included and I knew where the photos were going. I can say now that I expect the same level of communication, involvement, and quality in future shoots as I received when I first started out with my shoot with Chris." - August 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 1356446 - ILYA: "I liked working with Chris. Photos turned out great and the whole shoot went smooth." - August 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 2343720 - Bradlee Munson: "Chris Adval was one of the first professional photographers I worked with. The photos he took of me are simply amazing and have gotten me far in my modeling career. I have gotten gigs from being a cover model for website to having the honor of being part of magazine photoshoots and much more. His work is outstanding and I would gladly work with him again." - September 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 152466 - Candi Dahlia: "The shoot went well. Chris-Advil was easy to work with and many of the images I received were spectacular!" - December 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 2423682 - Aya Stam: "As a beginner with little experience, Chris was very helpful and knowledgeable on photography. He gave me great direction and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I had a great time and the results were amazing. Overall, it was a great opportunity to work with him." - December 2011

Testimonial From MM#: 1896871 - Deja Dee: "I usually get nervous shooting with new people for the first time but Chris Adval has a sense of humor making the shoot fun, creative and memorable." - Jan. 2012

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