Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photographer to Models Tip 3: Professionalism: Straight Talk!

Disclaimer! These are my opinion and my opinion only based on my life experiences both in personal life and in model photography. And the following is from a photographer’s point of view.
I somewhat mentioned this in the last article of this series slightly, but in this one I’d like to go much more in-depth on this subject.

Why being straight forward is the best communication method than others?
Simply because you would be speaking much more clearly and not making those you are communicating with assume what you are saying, or making them trying to read your mind. Such as for example, I’m communicating with a modeling via text and they don’t respond… they don’t respond and intentionally ignores many messages, I the photographer can or may assume many different things, such as the model lost their phone, has lost phone power, phone service off, volume off/low, etc. millions of reasons. So, when a model ignores anyone especially the photographer, it’s NEVER professional and respectful to use “hint” language which is what (I assume) is in this situation is being used by the model. So if you don’t want a bad reputation on being unprofessional and keep a bridge(s) open with the person (or photographer in this situation) keep in constant contact, use clear communication such as being as straight forward as possible and no “hint” language. Using “hint” language is childish, immature, unprofessional and plain stupid.
What are the potential problems from not using this form of communication?
Generally you will work with a very limited amount of people in the community of model photography. But as a model especially you would want to get as much work flow coming in, basically the theory of Supply and Demand. Your demand will fall dramatically as more people know about your poor work ethics and as a model work ethics is the primary thing that makes you a great model, as physically attractiveness generally comes 2nd and generally many great photographers has the ability to work with about any physical attractiveness level. As your demand is low your value as a model falls as well, and vic versa when demand goes high your value goes up. If you are seriously invested and committed into becoming a great model your goal should always be to aim to have a very high demand on you as a model to gain more value as a model of course.
A side note on this many people think it’s part of the business world to not be straight forward and it is, but myself will not respect anyone both personally and professionally who does not speak to me straight. You speak to me in hints, sugar coating, beating around the bush languages, I just have no respect for you at all because you’re literally making me try to think harder and more which is very inefficient for me and if you speak clear and straight to me it will be most efficient to me and I live on being as efficient as possible in everything I do in my life. So, it’s your choice, because I know many great photographers has zero time to deal with models or anyone at all who is going to waste their time so being straight forward will save them and yourselves a lot of time from beating around the bush. Great business people are super efficient and productive, do that and you will succeed in your career goals. And yes I understand some people may think its rude being straight forward or blunt, just ensure its relevant and time it as best to your abilities most especially when setting up for the shoot and until you have received your final photos from the photographer.

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