Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rebecca Jayne COMPLETE!

Check out Rebecca Jayne's set [HERE]


(Note: This is not saying paid/paying gigs are bad, but this is an article between "FREE FREE" vs. TF, nothing more...)

What is FF? It’s FOR FREE… do people ever do it? Honestly…No not really. Some photographers may seem like they’re doing it but the smart ones know they’re not literally doing FF without getting anything in return, especially established professional photographers. Even if it’s a business/marketing tactic of doing FF it is still classified a TF.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

(willing to travel to Hazleton, PA)

I'm looking for models to book (TF) for the month of December...
Booking starts now and ends at the end of November. These shoots will include PROFESSIONAL Makeup by Ashly Lynn and these shoots are only open for the weekends for December for the shoots with me and MUA Ashly Lynn.

The concepts are any on my concept lists and open casting calls. If you're a model that is interested in this and have never shot with me please go to - and those who have shot with me you should have my number just text me and read the concept lists/open casting calls.

Concepts List: here - 
Open Casting Calls:

To others that are not models (Hair Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist, and Body Painter) please just contact me at one of the follow contact methods you feel is best for you and we'll arrange some TF work with these shoots in December.

Skype: Chris.Adval
Phone Number: (570) 871-0504 (Standard Business Hours 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday) or text anytime.

Sneak Peak: H. Love

She's not a model, nor has any interest in modeling, she's a friend helping me build my portfolio... ;-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Chris Adval's Photobooth Oct 15th Luzerne County Community College

Check it out guys anyone is welcomed but cover fee of $2 to the craft festival. All other details about the booth is on the image flyer to the left of this post.

Friday, October 7, 2011

No Such Thing as Quality Standards or Rules in the Photography World?

Many photographers think there are no rules or quality standards in photography... DEAD WRONG! Here is the only few exceptions...

  1. You are a fine art photographer
    • Not all of the time and depends on what kind of fine art photographer, are you a fine art photographer trying to appeal to specific type of audiences? If not and you just want to do your own thing then don't worry about any rules or set quality standards.
  2. You are a student or in the early learning stages of your photography journey
    • If you yet to understand and master your camera this means you're still in this stage.
    • If your goals is to be only a hobbyist.
  3. You are serious/advanced Hobbyist
    • And with no goals in the future to become a professional/open a photography business.

So this rule only applies to those who want to start their own photography business of any sorts.

Why there are standards and What are the standards..? e.g.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Facebook Group: Photography Pennsylvania Network

As you guys may already know I take networking pretty serious so I made a group on facebook for fellow Photographers , Models, MUAs, Wardrobe Stylists, Hair Stylists - any level, pro or amateur, heck anyone who's interested in photography pretty much!


Check it out! 
Group Description: A group designed to NETWORK.... IN PERSON!!!  (in the photography world, in Pennsylvania)

As well sharing each other's work, activities, websites, articles, blogs, social media, casting calls, travel notices, and anything that relates to networking in person with people in the photography world from newbies to pros looking to be involved in the photography world... Any type of photography, but primarily most focused in model photography.

Currently this is an open group, so expect heavy admin moderation on spam. Spam meaning continues messages of the same messages, or messages with dead links, messages to suspicious websites. Please don't post links that prompt downloads, it will be deleted.  

Advertising services is okay if its related to photography or directed to photographers, just keep in mind of spam (can't post the same ad post more than once in a 24hour period).

Please don't post contests, sweepstakes, etc... they're too tricky too tell if they are legit. So keep them off or I'll delete them.

Please don't post meetup groups that require cash investments from anyone, if they are it'll be okay only if you're meeting at a private venue like bar... but asking for cash just to be around you or/and meet you... no, not allowed. 

CASTING CALL for: Environmental Portrait Day and Night Experiment & Challenge

Concept: Trying to have the ability to capture mostly at night time using both only ambient lighting and artificial lighting using a model with the environment. Goal is to find a hot spot, and heavily pre-plan on what we're all doing before being on the spot. The Challenge will be 10min per spot, from setup, shooting, and "un-setup." Spots will be chosen before pre-planning start to enable us to complete the time challenge. Everything will be video recorded for educational and entertainment purposes.

Location: I'm willing to travel pretty much anywhere in the north eastern area of Pennsylvania (NEPA) and maybe to the south east of PA as well. My location I'm coming from is Hazleton, PA Zip: 18201

Possible Locations I want to shoot would be urban areas ("alleyway looking") such as philly, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, etc.

Dates: NONE (This is a continuous project of multiple shoots)

Compensation: TF

CASTING CALL for the Following...
(for one specific shoot, but this experimental shoot will be a series of shoots)

  1. Female and/or Male Model
    • Wardrobe (you provide) self-provided (unless told)
    • Makeup MAYBE
    • About any style of modeling (no parts modeling); mostly glamour/implieds, fashion, catalog, conceptual/acting, and alternative.
    • [Click here if you're interested]
  2. Makeup Artist - All or one of the following is needed
    • "Natural"
    • High Fashion
    • Special Effects
    • Body Paint
  3. Wardrobe Stylist/Clothing Designer (if you can provide wardrobe one or all of the following)
    • High Fashion - Modern
    • Modern Corsets
    • Modern Fitting Jeans (Ultra Tight)
  4. Photographer Assistants
    • Knowledge and understanding of Light and Lighting equipment, more specifically in using speedlights.
    • If you have any speedlights that is either Canon or Yungro to use during the shoot
    • Carrying and holding lighting and other equipment
    • Possibly carrying around ladder for certain conceptual/environmental shoot locations
  5. Videographer
    • Document activities either with camera I provide or your own
At any time you're interested in participating in any of the casting calls or have questions about them contact me at one of the following methods...

Skype: Chris.Adval

If you're a model and you're interested in a TF casting call please [Click Here] for details.

    Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    Models and Photographers Tips 07: What do I Look for in Choosing a Freelance Model to Hire…?

    Models and Photographers Tips 07

    What do I Look for in Choosing a Freelance Model to Hire…?

    I’m a very rational and logical spender, generally… so you won’t find me impulse buying unless you put me into a B&H or Adorama store where I have the feel of need of buying everything I see pretty much… I already have over a $100,000 worth of wish lists for B&H, but I have researched the products before adding them to my wish lists and I know how I would use them for certain purposes…

    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    Models and Photographers Tips 06: The Importance of Having a Solid Brand Foundation

    Models and Photographers Tips 06
    The Importance of Having a Solid Brand Foundation

    The importance of having a solid brand foundation when starting up a brand of your own as a photographer. If you've already started one its okay, you can reboot your brand with the following tips.

    If you’re confident enough to start your own photography business or you know you will be starting and running your own photography business you need to build yourself as a brand. And it’s not as simple as it sounds; you need to understand, have short/long term goals, and be very consistent. Meaning when you are building a solid foundation of start up brand it is extremely necessary you avoid as many weak points as much as you possibly can… but how to avoid those weak points from being taken advantage of in the near or far future of the brand’s lifespan?