Sunday, April 16, 2017

UNboxing: Tamron 70-200 2.8 G2!

I was super excited to finally upgrade my original 70-200 2.8 Tamron lens and jumping to this level from that! Watch out next Monday morning (April 24th) for the first impressions video!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Breakdown: Red Dress Dark Fashion Post-Blizzard Stella

I got this concept pop into my head when the nor’easter blizzard of 2017 Stella hit my area… but as soon as it ended lol. I saw the contrast of white and red would be perfect for a shoot, so I scrambled to find anyone with a red dress and luckily found on for this past Thursday (a week after the blizzard hit) and luckily had just enough snow on the ground too.

Now my original plan was to try more off camera flash. So I took my 2 speedlites, as I just planned to use one and keep one as a backup as my YN600 is sorta having issues with “over heating” in a few pops. So I get to the park I wanted to shoot at (which mind you, I am more of an urban portrait shooter, haven’t shot in a park for at least 2 years but this concept was perfect for a park setting).

Thursday, December 1, 2016

UNBOXING: Cheetah Rice Bowl

Link to product:

First unboxing in a while honestly... may be a while for my next but I thought I'd share it! 

What prompted me to buy it was not just the Black Friday deal... this item was on my wishlist for a long while. I've been using my Lastolite 30x30 (EZ BOX) speedlite softbox for a long time. While I still plan to use it when run and gun on-location shooting or as an added light source I still wanted a bigger and more controllable light softbox for my bigger more powerful light source, my impact 300 w/s strobe. This will force me to pretty much shoot a lot more in a more planned way than run and gun every time with my speedlite on-location rogue shooting lol. So this will, hopefully prompt me to find locations, the property owners/managers to hopefully get a chance to organize full blown shoot(s) there.

Anything that is "deep" is automatically less spill... less spill more efficiency on light, as well it is more focused, so if I wanted to, I can shoot without any diffuses and get fairly sharp shadow edges on the subject as my keylight. But with my usual style it will be mostly used as a soft light, which usually will bring in more spill, luckily with the added deep its a little more focused, PLUS I got a grid with it, so it'll be fairly very soft and focused to the subject... which this will require POWER! Luckily my impact 300 w/s should work great to power and shoot with the modifier and grid.