Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photographer to Models Tip 4: Home Studio or "Real" Studio?

I've been seeing many of the newer models and even some "experienced" models avoiding to go to home studios than a full blown studio. Now here's a reality check tip, most photographers will only have a home studio because the cost for a "real" studio is unnecessary or impossible to get as a new photographer or even experienced photographer. As for photographers having a full blown studio than not having a home studio are photographers who have a full time running business that actually profits or brings in some kind of revenue, so these photographers do not work TF or is by far extremely rare to find to be doing TF work. I know this tip message may come out as hostile but its been very annoying to see models have this thing of not going to home studios for a TF Shoot and when in reality if we had a full blown studio we won't be working TF.

Here are a few options for models who don't and unwilling to work in home studios with photographers.
  1. Pay a rental studio fee (which can be from $50/hr to $400/hr).
  2. Only work in outdoor photoshoots (will cause your photos to become limited in diversity).
  3. Quit Modeling...
If you're afraid for your safety about going to home studios do the following:
  1. Look for referrals
  2. Look for Model Mayhem Credits
    1. Look for published credits
    2. Look for models they've worked with...
  3. And finally you should already know this, take a very strong look at all of their work on their model mayhem page, and look for their website and you should find more as well look for "flickr" and check their flickr photostreams like mine [here].

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