Monday, July 11, 2011

Jargon Week 2: Portrait/Model Photography Jargon

Instead of making individual posts on every jargon term from portrait/model photography I'll just make one bigger post. And when I say Portrait/Model Photography I don't mean the equipment, and I'll list jargon terms that is generally not self-explanatory.

  • Trade For.... CD
    • Generally digital copies ether on a CD or via web access/email etc.
  • Trade For... Print
  • Trade For... Time
  • And other TFs I've seen are
    • Trade For... Wardrobe (TFW)
    • Trade For... Publication to some sort of magazine, aka Tear Sheet. (TFTS)
MUA: Make Up Artist

Candid: Shooting (generally human) living subjects without posing or subject knowingly being shot. In many or some cases a candid photo can be posed with proper planning. Generally Candid can be found in photojournalism mostly.

Tear Sheet: Officially been published into a printed publication, i.e. magazines.

GWC: Guy with Camera. Generally a person without a DSLR or at times with a DSLR with limited or lack photography skills.

Implied Nudity/Nudity - Click Here

More from an another list I found online at - Click Here

More will be added as time goes on...Check back for the updates on this post.

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