Chris Adval's Bio

Name: Chris Adval
Age: 30
Location: Hazleton, PA [North Eastern PA] - USA
Occupation(s): Entrepreneur, and Photographer
Photography Status: Started Photography September 2010, Started Model Photography December 2010, Intermediate Semi-Pro.
Education Status: Associates in Advertising Design
Hobbies: Outside of my future careers like photography and video production, going out with real friends and having lots of fun with those friends, volunteering for good causes, donating blood,  helping people, U.S. and World Politics, socializing, making new friends, and learning!
Influences in Photography: Mark Wallace, Lee South, Art Streiber, Chase Jarvis, William Kofron, Peter Hurley, Blair Bunting, and Scott Witter
Photography Specialty Goals: 
  • Model Photography: To get thorough exposure and explore by getting real world experience on the following: Glamour, Nude, Fashion, Editorial, Lifestyle, and Fine Art.
  • To have a specialty in Commercial Based in Fashion Photography.
  • Up-to-Date Specialties Here
Preferred Photo Creative Style: Non-Traditional Modern  (What is Non-Traditional?)
Photography Working Style: 
During a photo shoot I would like to make everything look as perfect as humanly possible, such as imperfections on clothing, or hairs sticking out in the wrong places, hairs on clothing, etc. because I want to keep myself out of post-production and keep myself more on during production. I prefer to work with people, not alone in front of a computer for hours.