Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Casting Call for Male Model!

I'm looking for a Muse Model to work on many different projects. 

I am basically looking for a male model willing to cut/grow hair on their head and face to manipulate for many different looks to be achieved. 

Body type I am aiming for is slightly medium bulk and slightly ripped up on the muscular development. Also have very well fitted professional business suits and tuxes. 

This is for my personal projects during the winter season as outdoor environmentals will be very limited but still will want to try some environmental portraits in the colder weather as long as its safe for us and equipment, but primarily looking for a male model for a lot of studio shooting during the season. 

I am willing to pay for travel ($0.25/per mile round trip) of models in the 2 or less hour drive radius. 

Important part is I need you to look more mature, so if you still look young shaven or with facial hair this does not apply to you. Looking to shoot mature looking male models like mid 30s to mid 50s. If you are younger in those ages but you know you can look in those ages we can talk and see if this is actually work. 

Primary types of genre will include: Fashion, Lifestyle, Acting. Note acting may include some implied nude and underwear to tell certain stories in images.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Business: The Math Behind How to Best Qualify a Freelance Pro Model

This is how I do it, I do not know how others do it if they have a mathematical system or not some photographers simply hire pretty faces only and mold them to their needs which is fine and golly for them but I am not wasting cash shamelessly on not properly paying a paid model their actual worth or simply paying them based on whatever they say their worth. 

(Update Post Here: 7/22/2015)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

CASTING CALL: Bridal Portraits

I'm looking for 

Body Type: Slim
Height: Average, 5'5-5'8
Gender: Woman
Location: Outdoors and Indoors studio, but if you have unique and interesting outdoors locations I am willing to travel 1-2 hours from Hazleton, PA
Wardrobe: May be provided but having your own would be great!
When: ASAP, contact me via facebook.
Compensation: Depending on your level of experience (read here if you qualify to being paid by me), if you lack experience I am willing to work with you in a trade project.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How Model's are Valued in the Freelance World of Modeling.

Here's a reality check to inform the misinformed about working with photographers as a freelance model and in the freelance world.

I may have mentioned this in a few blogs on how to value a model as a photographer and to models on how we as photographer value you.

We as photographers will look for a model... (and for photographers reading this is what you SHOULD look for)

Monday, August 25, 2014

What is a Magazine Publication?

This should be a simple answer but with today's new technology in self-printing/publication services provided such as from MagCloud, this question becomes much more more complicated. It's very similar to the world of photographers where more and more quality DSLR cameras are more affordable and its easier to become a "pro photographer", its the same in this situation with magazines.

A magazine publication is a company that produces a paperback or/and online publication with articles and spreads, both having advertisers. Having the advertisers is what actually makes a magazine publication credible. No credibility, you're not considered a magazine publication at all. You could have 1 billion free or paid subscribers, no advertisers, you're nothing.

Why I'm pointing this out you may ask?

Because a lot of times I see on my facebook feed about models and photographers being "published" into these so called magazines where the magazine does not pay anyone, may not have any paid subscribers, and defiantly does not have paying advertisers. No credibility. And these folks are cheering on for being published into a no name publication.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Model Release...

I am no legal professional but I study it to ensure I have all my legal processes in check. So for those models and photographers who do not know or have a model release (as a photographer) this blog post could help.

Official Definition
"A model release, known in similar contexts as a liability waiver, is a legal release typically signed by the subject of a photograph granting permission to publish the photograph in one form or another."

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Photoshop Workflow: How to make a Modeling/Portrait Photo Truly High Key

Check out my speed up photoshop workflow on a photo I shot for PPW wrestlers a few months ago.

Note the video is not from start to finish as it was my first time in a very long time using the capture software so I forgot I was not recording (I know), so its in bites and pieces which ended being a 1 hour 44 minutes+ edit! And then compressed it into a 12+ minute video at the fastest speed I could make it. Plus my computer crashed right after saving the file, and starting up the video capture again as the video capture took way too much of my CPU

After watching that I basically did some masking and filled in the background with solid clean white as my seamless was a bit too small for tag team wrestlers (2 subjects), so I shot it anyways even though I generally don't and would always aim to get perfect shot in-camera, sadly it was not possible as it was on-location before an actual PPW show and bringing only a small seamless than the very large, which I cannot travel with as it is much bigger than my car! 

Other than the white-ing the background I did simple cleaning on the wardrobe and skin with the healing brush mostly. 

Lighting setup was 2 medium softboxes on left and right of subjects and 1 Lastolite Ez Box as the key light

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to be Efficient and Effective when Paying Models: "Kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone"

As a model photographer we sometimes may need to invest into paying an experienced model that has more skills and the right looks we need to enhance our portfolios. 

Instead of just paying a model for more skills and most appealing looks that would enhance my portfolio I've decided to re-use those images for other areas to possibly earn the money I've invested back. And I know this may sound obvious and "common sense" information, but I just want to say it just in case those whom haven't. 

Instead of just enhancing your overall portfolio or specific area portfolios, use the photos for SALES!

Such as selling your own print products, such as simple 8x10s or posters, etc. You will have a difficult time selling these items online as these items are much more of an impulse buying item. So selling them online will not work unless you've already have a strong and active following yourself or the model themselves (if they pushed the products).

So, if you're on a small budget like myself, just simply do is build a collection of photos you have full rights to sell (with model release) and when you have at least 5-10 different great image you'd like to invest into for small print run, like 25 posters of each image (which can cost around $200-$300 depending the stock/quality and quantity). You can either do it for profit, or sell it to break even to spread your name out to locals, your choice.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Follow Up: Exploitation of Ignorance

This is a Follow Up Article from Fake vs. Real Tear Sheets

Many Photographers, Models and Other individuals are exploiting artists (such as other photographers and models).  Even though I somewhat mentioned this in the previous article on this I’d like to go into more depth on this… How are these people exploiting artists you may say? Simple, giving something that is actually worthless but masking it to being something worth wild!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Photographer to Model Tips: How to Get Paid Gigs within the Freelance World.

I'll be clear, bluntly honest, and may repeat myself to emphasize certain things I am about to mention. Plus I may piss you off!

I'm a freelance photographer for about 4 years now. I've paid models for about 1-2 years to model for me to build a solid collection of photographs to resale in any way I see fit, but right now I primarily use them as poster sales. The modeling types that I have a chance to sell must be of female models that are nearly naked, in tiny bikinis, lingerie, implied nudes or actual nudes. If you want to get paid, and work in the freelance modeling world... one or all of those types of modeling may be the ONLY way you can earn any money from freelance photographers. I know most models want to get paid and be clothed as much as humanly possible, this will not happen unless it is outside of the freelance world where you are working with modeling/talent agencies.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sample Photos of Lastolite EZY Box Large Softbox (30x30)

*The following sample photos are Straight out of Camera, totally untouched/edited, these are purely sample photos to show how the softbox looks with and without. LEFT is without flash, the RIGHT is with the flash on.

Shutter: 1/160th
Aperture: f/7.1
ISO: 200
Lens: Canon 24-70 2.8L
Camera Body: Canon 6D

Lastolite Hot Shoe EZYBOX Softbox Kit-30 x 30"

Side note of my experience with using hotshoe softboxes in the field, its ok, as long as you got someone holding the lightstand(s) or good weights to hold them down. I don't have weights right now other than normal sandbags I may start using since assitants are so hard to come by in my area. Other than that I would have loved more power but the only option for more power is studio strobe or investing into a $500+ speedlight (600EX) as I was using YN560 here at 90% power. I may invest into more studio strobes and battery packs to shoot more environmentals instead of speedlights, primarily cost savings is a big difference. Once I could afford into more speedlights then I'll go into a heavy speedlight setups for obvious reasons.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Posing Project...

This is my very first, long term project (maybe even life time) photography project. 

What is the Posing Project?
This is a project of photographing artistic models, dancers, or other performers. Anyone who can show art within a pose. 

Why do this Project?
I'll admit, posing models isn't my strongest skill in photography. Personally I believe I  photograph model's who can pose themselves very well already, and tweak their pose to my own liking. But those who bring that foundation in posing. This is for any type of photos except headshots of course.

This time around, through this project, I want to learn by showing unique and interesting poses that models, dancers, and other performers can bring to the table. I don't believe in the "barbie" like posing where I put the model/subject's hand, chin, leg, etc., here and there. To me, it does not look natural and generally would create stiff looking models when that type of modeling is done.

My project goal would eventually be  to print a book.

How to Become a Participant?
Simple, as this entire project would be solely a TRADE project. If you're unsure what is TRADE please click here for details on what that is. 

What you'll get are all of the photos I feel are technically perfect, but only release them to you. Which ones you choose to show off to your fans is entirely up to you. The images released to you would have minimal editing, please keep this in mind. The ones I choose to show for my project will be edited fully, but would only be 1-2 photos from each shoot, depending on your artistic poses, to show in the project. Images that are given to you will be high resolution and unwatermarked, but keep in mind I retain ALL copyrights. Please do not sell the images. You may use them for promotional/advertising purposes the same way I do. If I were to sell an image with your face/body in it I will give you 10% of that sale.

Please note I do not normally provide high resolution images in trade photoshoots and unwatermarked images. If I do choose to provide you with the full intense editing, they will be low resolution watermarked images. If you'd like to have some of the images I did not choose for the project edited further,  I do offer $80/per hour for full in-depth editing (based on my  editing style).

I'm willing to travel up to 1-2 hours (drive time) depending on your look and reputation. This may be a location nearby to you or myself, depending if you can make the trip to my area (Hazleton, PA/North East PA region). If you're way outside of my 1-2 hour drive radius simply ask if I'm ever stopping by your area, I do travel time to time. I got plans for Pittsburgh, PA (5-6 hour drive) and Florida. 

If interested simply contact me on facebook.

Here's an index of posts of my previous shoots regarding this project
01 - Heather G.