Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lithium AA Batteries for Flash... is the extra cost worth it?

I did some testing and experimenting with the non-Lithium AA batteries for my YN560 flash speedlight vs. Lithium AA batteries. And I honestly got more longer life span on the non-Lithium AA batteries and I got heat issues on the Lithium batteries oddly. The Lithium AA batteries I got tend to overheat a lot faster than my non-Lithium batteries. I did test it on the same output power of the flash which was the highest level. Now I'm not sure if it's the YN560 speedlight causing the issue or the actual batteries but I did have somewhat the same issues on my Canon 270EX which did last longer on batteries, but it caused more heat issues than the non-Lithium batteries. If this persists I'm going to have to invest into a product to extend the power for my flash speedlight.

I'll be posting this as a video question as soon as I get the chance.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Should I.... or should I not...?

I'm strongly considering on giving a video tour using my T2i of my 1 living room/studio? Just showing to anyone interested, but mostly to convince models that I'm serious about learning, even though most or all of my equipment is not considered "High End".... but hey at least it's not in a low end, it's in the middle ;-)

Changing from "Portrait" to "Model" Photography because....

I have recently learned a lot from Ron Davis at and joined his free mini-course, which was extremely useful. I learned something that made me change my somewhat broad path to a bit more focused path. From just "Learning Portrait Photography," I'm going to change it to "Learning Model Photography." I'm changing it because I prefer skilled models to shoot, not weddings, nor regular people, i.e. journalism, it's just not my style... BUT I do love capturing a true moment of candid photography style, just with specific looks from the subject, another example of the theme that I'm currently going for my fine art portfolio right now which is Vampires, yea it may sound more in-studio and posing for the camera type of photography but I'm aiming for some candid mostly just because that's what I want to see in my fine art work.

After this very important lesson I've learned from Ron Davis at I'm giving him a plug and a BIG Thank You for teaching me and others like me in the photography community as today it is extremely difficult to find photographers who willing to share their skills and wisdom as Ron does.

The changes will take place in all future videos, and I will change the graphics around this week to Model Photography.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Question 1: How do you get models for you when you're an inexperienced Photographer?



What I talk about in the video is how I have tried many different things to recruit models, from friends [which I did get two friends to get a starter portfolio], to asking strangers. As for talking to strangers, it has never really worked for me but one time when I had my female friend who was modeling for me while we were picking out wardrobe at Hot Topic, and then recruited a model to do some photos. If I had my female friends to come with me around town to just talk to strangers who may have the potential in modeling I would definitely be doing that, but of course many attractive women are busy women so it's up in the air if my attractive female friends would manage the free time to go recruiting. As for family members, all of my family is a 3 hour drive, so that is pretty much out of the question. Model Mayhem I've tried but I've gotten just flakes, and just inexperienced models who don't have any interest in working with me on TF shoots and who only wants to work with experienced photographers [not me, yet...]. So, I'm looking for alternative choices if you got a different way of recruiting please share your ideas and strategies.

Yahoo! Answers

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Useful Links

Self-Help/Educational/Tutorial Sites

Brief Description: Industry News and Original Industry Journalism.

Brief Description: Industry News and Original Industry Journalism.

Brief Description: Great Video Photography Critiques.

Brief Description: Great helpful community in the forums and articles.
Brief Description: Educational Guides Resource - "How to Get the Most from" [video]
Brief Description: Gives great overall advice on photography, great for beginners, nikon users, product reviews are generally mostly nikon products, and great post production techniques.
Brief Description: All about Off Camera Flash Lighting
Brief Description: DSLR Video Production (all production- pre, during, and post)

Brief Description: Great tips on model photography, more specifically on working with models and photographers as a model or as a photographer. Basically the relationship, communication techniques needed to work with a model as a photographer or working with a photographer as a model.
Brief Description: Youtube channel Produced by Mark Wallace and Adorama giving very good instructional videos, video interviews, and product reviews.

Photography Jargon
Brief Description:  Photography terminology glossary.

Online Photography and Film Equipment Stores


Brief Description: A website to upload and market your photos, and as well have many communities to socialize on many different things.

Brief Description: Social network for the purpose of meeting individuals in real life to create images based on model photography. For models, model photographers, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, digital artists, photo retouchers, publications, body painters, wardrobe designers, and a whole lot more.


dPreview: dPreview has a great site tool that compares lenses which can be very useful on your research for an expensive lens. - check the tool out [here]

Professional Organizations