Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photo Critique 1: Jason Grear of Shakesgrear Photography

Jason Gears of Shakesgrear Photography and from our Models & Photographers NEPA Community on flickr group gave me the honor in critiquing this photo he's created and given me the permission as well to post on the blog. Okay let's get started with the critique! 
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Wow is my first word which is a very good thing to always have.

A few things that distracted me was a string of hair sticking up on the right side of her head, and from what it looks like to me is her ponytail band on her right hand, but not sure about that because it does somewhat add more of a natural feel to it actually. As for the logo it looks ok, just a little too big for my taste, I'd make it 30-50% smaller but if you want it to be a bit more visible than that I'd bring the opacity up to compensate for bringing the size smaller.

I know my logo is a little big as well but as long as its not touching the primary subject (model) its ok and of course not being too big or overpowering the subject of the photo. Heck sometimes I even have to shrink my logo to fit it into the photo and not touch the subject because the subject is the primary eye catcher you'd want.

Now I just checked the Exif and noticed something odd...

Aperture f/1.8
Shutter: (1/200)
ISO: 400

The aperture should have given you a lot of light if the shutter was at 1/60th (which is a rule I was told to follow, never go lower than 60 if you're shooting people) and I don't see any action in the photo so having it higher was unnecessary unless you wanted to increase the darkness, but then I saw the ISO at 400 (which didn't add any grain that I could see) . I would have tried to keep it always on ISO 100 and if I needed more light while being in the widest aperture thats when I would up my ISO and if I only wanted natural lighting and not using flash. But if you wanted to keep the background more in focused thats when I'd have the ISO higher while at an aperture of maybe 5.6 or somewhere around there.

A good rule to always aim for lowest ISO as much as possible unless your going for a in-focused background or/and want natural lighting look.

But overall the photo is amazing especially taken in a candid style from what I can see which isn't easy to capture true candid moments. Great job!

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