Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photographer to Models Tip 2: Expected Level of Professionalism

The level of professionalism is simple, treat me the photographer as you'd like to be treated. The following is a list that is rarely followed but is expected by models I've worked with in the past and will work with in the future.

  1. Read all the materials that the photographer's assigned to you which all parties are needed to be on the "same page" as the photographer.
  2. Communicate as CLEAR and CONSTANT as much as possible when production is in the active status. Ask questions you have have them, don't be shy to ask "stupid questions" because there is not such thing as a "stupid question," it's better be safer than sorry. No "Sugar Coating" language, speak in straight forward language. Communication is a vital key to ensuring a production gets completed in a timely and happy manner.
  3. When you set a date and time ensure you are free before setting up this date/time with the photographer for a photoshoot. As well ensure you stay free, if you cannot make the date you've agreed to during pre-production please simply contact the photographer as soon as possible and not wait last minute (or a day before the shoot), contact the photographer as soon as you are sure you cannot make it to the time and/or day. If you need to change the time or day contact the photographer. 
  4. Follow instructions from reading materials and attempt to memorize the reading materials given by the photographer, again to ensure you and other parties are on the same page.
  5. When bringing an escort to a pre-production meeting or/and photoshoot ensure they do not interrupt or add their input unless they're as or more knowledgeable about the model photography industry than myself or yourself (the model) and asked by the photographer for their input. If you the model want their input have a private conversation to get that input.

More will be added on as time goes on... 

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