Sunday, November 6, 2011

What is my Art in my Artistic mind!?

I am a unique type of photographer... of course as you should know I specialize in model photography, but with a more focus in commercial advertising. 

My Art is...

  1. Creating content with still photography or/and video that provides and fulfills my viewers demands based on a specified demographic of males 18-35 years old. 
    • Mastering this will be tough, but this is what I love... Marketing and creating products using photography and video, for the male 18-35 demographic, that is my passion and it takes a ton of creative work plus research into ensuring the path of creation is correct.
  2. Creating images that tell a story, either in one single image, or a photo essay that tells a story using and not using words would be preferable if I did my job right... This is what I call Fine Art Story-Telling. Doing this would be for both for a specified demographic I specialize in and stories that I want to portray a message based on my own persona.
I'm an Artist... I may not have the actual work to portray above yet, but I have my ideas, and had them for a while now. I have been very artistic with my lighting techniques and that right now considers me an artist as well. But my main goal as an artist would be telling stories with my photos, hopefully within the near future as opportunites grow I will get to display them properly. 

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