Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photographer to Models Tip: TFP vs. TFCD and Portfolio Printing

In my opinion do not ever do TFPs as a model* (Trade for Prints). (*Unless its a print you want to frame and keep for yourself.) Why you may ask because those who will be looking at your portfolio prints/books will expect printing constancy in quality, colors, sizes, everything, that will dramatically increase the quality of your prints/books because it will look more professional and will make you look like you're serious about modeling. Here's my tip when you're doing TF photoshoots do TFCDs and ensure you get print (high) quality images. To check if the photos are the proper quality levels you must have (or something similar to) Adobe Photoshop, open the file(s) and go to image>image size and look for resolution, you should see 300, that means its print/high quality.

Do not print right away, print when you're ready to afford a full professionally printed portfolio book. Also print when you're sure who you want to show it to, i.e. catalog model agencies, film directors, etc. certain photo books should be made to the market audiences you're targeting but you can make a book that has a mass appeal if you'd like as well if you're targeting an agency that has a lot of diversity in type of modeling.  

A good common place to get professional prints/books is (not sponsored, just based on good experience and reputation from common other photographers)

Another tip I'd like to add, never, ever, print low res. or web quality res for a portfolio! Under any circumstances! If you need to show it off to someone bring a laptop as last resort than printing a low res. photo.

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