Saturday, October 29, 2011


(Note: This is not saying paid/paying gigs are bad, but this is an article between "FREE FREE" vs. TF, nothing more...)

What is FF? It’s FOR FREE… do people ever do it? Honestly…No not really. Some photographers may seem like they’re doing it but the smart ones know they’re not literally doing FF without getting anything in return, especially established professional photographers. Even if it’s a business/marketing tactic of doing FF it is still classified a TF.

I’ve been meeting and having many problems with some models who actually think I’m doing this for free, but I’m not. I’m doing this on TF basis. I take my own time, energy, and money to invest into the work prepped for the shoot, during the shoot, and post production. In trade for and ask models to give me their time into the shoot itself, prepping for the shoot, reading necessary information I need them to read to ensure we’re on the same page and to ensure quality standards that I expect from them are met. Let me break it down into two charts…

ME – Chris Adval… I give in for a TF Shoot… 

Model – What I ask in return…

As you can see there is a big difference and it may seem I have a bias, but this is the reality of my TF shoots and what happens before, during, and after. This article may or may not sound like a rant, but I’m just tired of seeing and hearing these wannabe models who thinks I’m doing this for free. 

Here is a clear message when you the model think the photographer is doing this for free…..


That’s the message… 

Here are your options in general circumstances with any photographer offering you to do a TF shoot…

1. Take a serious look at all of the photographer’s work

2. Check photographer’s references of past models and history of past models (amount of shoots)

3. If you’re still unsure about working with the photographer talk to photographers you know and trust to check out their work (of the photographer that offered you a TF shoot)

4. If you don’t see ANY value in their work (at least value for your portfolio) simply send them your rates, BUT I warn you this would generally anger the photographer and you will lose the chance of EVER doing TF work with that photographer but you still may get paid work from that photographer if they see you with a unique look. [I know if I was told the model’s rates after asking them to do a TF shoot with me I know to never ask them to shoot a TF, and same goes for unanswered messages I send over model mayhem]. 

5. But if you see some value as to having the ability to fulfill a specific concept of your own ask them to do a TF for you and the photographer should accept in most cases depending on the size of the concept. If they’re incapable of doing the TF for you then they would send you their own rates.

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  1. This is great, I've used this explanation to when first starting. I didn't feel I was giving my time away, having people willing to allow me to practice,, gain experience, show up, be patient, and the tell others if they were happy is valuable too,,