Sunday, July 6, 2014

Photoshop Workflow: How to make a Modeling/Portrait Photo Truly High Key

Check out my speed up photoshop workflow on a photo I shot for PPW wrestlers a few months ago.

Note the video is not from start to finish as it was my first time in a very long time using the capture software so I forgot I was not recording (I know), so its in bites and pieces which ended being a 1 hour 44 minutes+ edit! And then compressed it into a 12+ minute video at the fastest speed I could make it. Plus my computer crashed right after saving the file, and starting up the video capture again as the video capture took way too much of my CPU

After watching that I basically did some masking and filled in the background with solid clean white as my seamless was a bit too small for tag team wrestlers (2 subjects), so I shot it anyways even though I generally don't and would always aim to get perfect shot in-camera, sadly it was not possible as it was on-location before an actual PPW show and bringing only a small seamless than the very large, which I cannot travel with as it is much bigger than my car! 

Other than the white-ing the background I did simple cleaning on the wardrobe and skin with the healing brush mostly. 

Lighting setup was 2 medium softboxes on left and right of subjects and 1 Lastolite Ez Box as the key light