Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do I Pay Models?

I will pay models only with the following criteria...
  1. If they have been published in a well known print publication within the past 6-12 months... I will pay a model with this criteria....
  2. If model is posing implied or/and nude, or/and bikini/lingerie ... 
  3. If I'm recruiting models for a commercial shoot, but generally as an industry standards commercial shoots relay on only agency models.
  4. Has a fantastic portfolio.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CASTING CALL: Harrisburg's ALL DAY Street Shoot!

This is the second stop on my tour around PA doing TF Street shoots
I'm heading to Harrisburg for an all day shoot and shooting in the streets of Harrisburg!

This event is officially sponsoring Glam On Demand to providing a great service and deals of makeup to any models interested and EXCLUSIVELY for this event only! FOR ONLY $10 for professional makeup service (traditional application, no airbrush) and for an additional $10 hair styling on the day of the shoot. If interested in this deal you must be able reserve the below date and time slots BEFORE THE END OF DECEMBER 2011!

Monday, November 14, 2011

CASTING CALL: December Studio Shooting w/ Professional Makeup Artist!

CASTING CALL 4 MODELS! (willing to travel to Hazleton, PA)

I'm looking for models to book (TF) for the month of December...
Booking starts now and ends at the end of November. These shoots will include PROFESSIONAL Makeup by Ashly Lynn and these shoots are only open for the weekends for December for the shoots with me and MUA Ashly Lynn.

Why do I work for trade? - and - Portfolio Goals

Many photographers would love to get paid, and some don't care because its just a hobby. Myself personally I would love to get paid, but right now I have very specific goals for my portfolio that I have yet met and may not meet for at least another 2-3 years if I don't pay any models. If I pay models I'll cut my time in half or even more...unfortunately, because that money could go to other areas that are as or more important like equipment, advertising, etc... 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chris Adval's 2012 Trade Shooting PA Tour!

As you may already know I'm having an all day shoot in philly on December 2nd, and I've seen some other models in the PA Network on facebook asking for some TF work in other cities thats a bit too far for me to travel for me for one single shoot for one model. I've decided to look into other cities around PA where I could travel to and network with local models in those big cities like Philly, Pittsburgh, etc...  If you're serious about me shooting you and you cannot afford to travel to me ever (Hazleton, PA) I can come to your town if you demand it! And if you really want me to come and shoot you in your area help me network with fellow models in your local area, I need at least 4 additional models (total of 5 including yourself). This is for now, only for PA. Then I'll move onto other states that is 3-5 hour driving distance radius of me. 

Model Photographer Tip 03: Get in with your Branding!

[This article can work for any photographer]

Starting up a Photography Business? Or even if you’re planning to open a photography business in the future?

While you’re still working on perfecting your photography skills and building up your equipment lineup, start marketing and branding with the following…

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What is my Art in my Artistic mind!?

I am a unique type of photographer... of course as you should know I specialize in model photography, but with a more focus in commercial advertising. 

My Art is...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Casting Call: Philly's All Day Street Shoot!

MM Casting Call
I'm heading to Philly for an all day shoot and shooting in the streets of Philly!

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA
TIME: ALL DAY! Reserve an hour or more (depending) from 8AM to 5PM
DATE: December 2nd, 2011

Concepts/Wardrobe (depending on your wardrobe, as you provide the wardrobe)
(Sexy) Professional clothing

If you're one of the following you may contact me for opportunity to join this production of all day shooting...

Makeup Artist/Body Painter
Hair Stylist
Photo Assistant
Wardrobe Stylist/Clothing Designer
Videographer (need you're own equipment)

If you're one (or more) of the above I have TF/Test shoot slots open for the day for you as you can either reserve a one hour shoot with a specific model(s) or shoot all day with me to learn and get the experience. 

*NOTE: If weather is schedule to be bad on December 2nd it may be re-scheduled to December 3rd or December 4th...

Phone: (570) 871-0504 (Standard Business Hours 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday)
or text anytime...

EMAIL: - Subject Line: Philly's All Day Shoot
Skype: Chris.Adval