Saturday, May 28, 2011

Advertising (Model) Photography Ideas of mine...

This will be fun and very creative. I want to add to my portfolio photos that represent my ability to do advertising photos. What does that mean for those who don't know? It means the photo will be purposely shot for the use of an advertisement ether digital/print ad. I have a few ideas I'd like to shoot that is a bit political or for good causes. 

  • Clean Energy , more specifically encouraging people to use clean energy light bulbs compact fluorescent light bulbs. Shot in low key black backdrop and high key white backdrop.
  • Anti-Animal Cruelty
I have more but these are the ones I'm creatively ready for.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What is your procedure in running an On-Location shoot?

Question 3: What is your procedure in running an On-Location shoot?

As I've mentioned in my blog before about my first time on-location shoot and it ended up being a poor experience even though I did get some nice photos from the shoot. I would like some photographers to possibly share their procedures in picking location, dealing and working with the weather, picking the right days, etc.

Once I get the chance I'll be making this question a video to get some possible attention of other photographers. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Yelena "Chain Shoot"

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Photo shoot with Yelena from Model Mayhem. Primary concept of the shoot was using chains as a piece of clothing. 

Shoot Location: Hazleton, PA
Shoot Date: 5.20.2011
Equipment: Background  setup with white backdrop, 2 studio strob lights for background, and 1 studio strob light with umbrella on subject. I used this tutorial  to help do my first model high key shoot.


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I used a new piece of equipment that was very useful for this self-portrait shoot, I used the Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Control.

Note: One photo may have a lot of grain due to the fact I bumped up the lighting in Lightroom a lot to get detail in the clothing more, I only did this cause it was my favorite pose out of all of them, but I have the same pose again (the same image) without the lighting being dramatically bumped up.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My First On-Location Shoot - Tim's Headshots...

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As for my experience on my first ever on-location shoot in model photography it seemed not to be a very pleasant one due to the very unpredictable weather changes, at least for this day. It was very windy, somewhat cloudy -which caused the sun to shift in and out (like a light going off and on) so I had to change aperture and shutter speed like every 2-3 shots, extremely annoying. But now I know what to expect and what days to not shoot on, i.e. only days that are very clear skies. The model -Tim- as always did a good job, just other aspects as I've mentioned didn't make the shoot go as smooth as I liked it to be, but of course not every first time experiences are good ones :-) ...

I've gotten the chance to edit one photo which is the one above and I have about a another 5-8 photos I'll be putting up later today hopefully. I hope you guys like the above photo!

Location: Kirby Park near Wilkes-Barre, PA

Monday, May 9, 2011

What's a Good Model?

I've learned from listening to Photographer & Model Podcast. As for what is a photographer is looking for (generally):
  • Reliable; as this is the biggest problem between photographers and models today and maybe ever, most models no show no call/flake just because they do not have the confidence to tell the photographer they lost interest with the shoot. If you the model agree to a time/day and date(s) for photo shoots, you meet to those agreements period if not call/text whatever. Flaking will make you the model generate a reputation within the model photography world that you're a flake, so making all work slow down or completely stop, especially burning the bridges you've decided to flake on.
  • Strong and Professional Communication; being able to ask questions, give honest feedback, having reliable communication tools - i.e. cell phone with texting features, professional communication meaning private one on one in person meetings (I personally do not want to discuss my business with people who don't know anything about modeling or/and photography I only want to speak to people who are involved with the industry i.e. model, photographer, makeup artist, etc.)
  • Confidence; in your looks and poses
  • Opened Minded; being able to attempt many new and different things in photography, and taking some risks.
  • Knowing how to move your body (generally good dancers and/or actors have this)
The looks of a model is given, but generally the least priority to the photographer as long as the above list is met.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Process of Elimination

After doing some photo shoots a necessary process of elimination must be done. Generally speaking I shoot about 300-400 photos in a 2-4 hour photo shoot.What I have recently learned was to use this method such as picking one photo that I liked and then look for one that is similar but slightly or much better in any detail adjustments ether on camera or on the subject. Once I finalized on choosing a few good photos from a shoot I then take it to friends or even college instructors at the college I attend to and get their opinion on it. Then once that process has completed that is when I start on necessary touch ups in photo touching. 

Now picking photos for a portfolio is completely or somewhat different than picking out photos for a set to show off on your website, flickr, or facebook pages. Showing off the results of a photo shoot you should still use the process of elimination but for a portfolio is completely different because generally speaking you'd pick out the best of the best work you've ever done or if your doing a theme based portfolio you'd pick the best work in that theme, i.e. Pinup portfolio, you'd show the best work that is in that theme vs. another theme portfolio like Glamour you'd show the best work from Glamour.

Once I get a chance I'll show this process once I get a few solid portfolios to use and once I have a solid portfolio and with a lot more shoots under my belt thats when I'll do a process of elimination for a generalized portfolio.