Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WOW Share! 16: "Fast and Easy Skin Softening with Adobe Photoshop" - Andy Strachwsky/

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I didn't post this as soon as found it, but when I started using this technique -when I did found this video a month or two ago and- I adapted to using it all the time on my model photography work and came to a conclusion it works very well as a new tool in my tool box and reduced my time in skin smoothing a model's skin by 20-30min.

Monday, February 27, 2012

CASTING CALL: King of Prussia's ALL DAY TF Shoot! - July 18th 2012

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This is the eighth stop on my tour around PA doing TF shoots. I'm heading to King of Prussia for an all day shoot and shooting in a state park in King of Prussia, or possibly urban streets.

LOCATION: King of Prussia, PA
TIME: ALL DAY! Reserve an 1hour (min) or 2hours (max*) from 8AM to 5PM
DATE: July 18th, 2012
RAIN DATE: July 19th, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

Photographer to Model Tips: Innovation Tip to Pricing Structure for Models...

The industry standard is you as the photographer pay one set rates to a model of a per hour rate and you pay for the model's likenesses rights to use for commercial purposes.... BUT there is one problem what if I don't want to or plan to use the photo(s) for commercial purposes? Tough, you must pay a premium rate that has one size fits all in usage rights of the likeness of the model provides. 

WOW Share! 15: "Tips for New Models" - Dom Bower

I partly disagree with the pricing structure Dom has mentioned in the video because how it works here in the U.S. may not be the same in the area Dom is from (UK). When a photographer/art director hires a model for whatever level they have, they will pay and not work TF because the photos and likenesses from the photos that the model provides will be used for commercial purposes for commercial gain. Nobody should earn money on anyone’s likenesses without some kind of compensation. TF, TFP, TFCD, etc… should be for non-commercial usage and for portfolio usages only, that may or may not include advertising for the photographer and models that would depend on the agreements that the model(s) and photographer(s) agree based on the TF agreement. I do agree when a photographer and model has the same level of skill and experience they should do TF… but not when it involves any commercial usages for whatever parties involved.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CASTING CALL: East Stroudsburg's ALL DAY TF Shoot! - June 26th 2012


This is the seventh stop on my tour around PA doing TF shoots. I'm heading to East Stroudsburg for an all day shoot and shooting in the streets of East Stroudsburg, or possibly waterfalls.

LOCATION: East Stroudsburg , PA
TIME: ALL DAY! Reserve an 1hour (min) or 2hours (max*) from 8AM to 5PM
DATE: June 26th, 2012
RAIN DATE: June 28th, 2012