Monday, July 18, 2011

Models and Photographers Tip Series - Index Post

Disclaimer: I'm NOT a professional; these are my opinions and my opinions only and based on my own experiences in model photography. I am NOT a professional writer, these written format pieces are meant for purely and primarily shared knowledge from my experiences as a model photographer. It is not my intent to have a perfectly written article, if you don't like my writing please report this article to the nearest college to make corrects (or yourselves) and send those corrections at and I'll make those changes if they do not interfere with the content. My focus is to give the content as soon as possible by any means instead of not giving the content at all (tips). Again I am not a great writer but I get my points across. The following tips are NOT meant for everyone for every situation, take the tips that you know that would work for YOU and anyway you choose. This is only a guide of tips, not strict rules that every or all persons should follow, these tips are meant for serious, business aware and pro-efficient people.

Another blog series I wanted to bring by thats meant for both models and model photographers. I hope you guys enjoy it and learn a few tips. Below are the listings of the index that will be updated when new posts come along.

The following are tips from myself as a model photographer. These are tips that would best suit you the model in the freelance world when working with other model photographers. As stated above these tips are not rules of any kind it is only a guide that will suit those that logically understand them easily.

Model Photographer-
The following blog posts that relates to model photography in a photographer's perspective, and giving my own tips that has worked for me and could work for you as well. Now note many photographers do their own thing based on the type of photographer and their goals, etc... But take these tips and use it anyway you want. These may or may not work for you, but for me it has worked for my goals in model photography, business, and lifestyle. Below is the list of blog posts in this series.

  1. Market Yourselves!
  2. Portfolio Building
  3. Stage Names/Aliases- Marketing and Branding
  4. Freelance Model Photography Safety Tips
  5. The Importance of Having a Solid Brand Foundation
  6. What do I Look for in Choosing a Freelance Model to Hire…?
  7. Some Good Female Poses - dPS (Share)
  8. The Model Release...
  9. What is a Magazine Publication?
  10. How Model's are Valued in the Freelance World of Modeling.

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