Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jargon Week 1: Nude and Implied

This article post I'm talking about "Nude" and "Implied."

As for Nude... What does nude mean in the model photography world?

When human subjects show any fully or partially nipples and genital/crotch area (pubic area).

As for Implied... What does implied mean in the model photography world?
aka: Implied Nudity or Partial Nudity 

Basically the complete opposite as the above in nude, so you can show everything or the whole body just don't show nipples and genital/crotch (pubic area) and thats known as implied.


  1. Nope.
    If a model is nude then they are nude - simple as that really. Whether nipples or other areas are showing or not is immaterial.

    Implied nude would be when a model has some covering on (such as bra and pants/bikini etc) but is photographed in such a way as to IMPLY that they are in fact nude.

    Partial nudity - could be anything you want basically. I am partially nude if I am wearing trousers and a shirt but my hands are uncovered. Normally with female modeling it would mean topless.It is just another of those silly and meaningless things (like implied nude) which models like to use to try and make more money.

  2. Thanks for your input and I understand some may see it as nude when there is --When human subjects show any fully or partially nipples and genital/crotch area (pubic area)"-, but this is what most people would see it as vs. the more conservative minded people would disagree as even showing shoulder skin or just "too much skin" is considered nudity... The audience to the conservative minded are not part of the target demographic when doing glamour/implied and nude photography.