Thursday, December 1, 2016

UNBOXING: Cheetah Rice Bowl

Link to product:

First unboxing in a while honestly... may be a while for my next but I thought I'd share it! 

What prompted me to buy it was not just the Black Friday deal... this item was on my wishlist for a long while. I've been using my Lastolite 30x30 (EZ BOX) speedlite softbox for a long time. While I still plan to use it when run and gun on-location shooting or as an added light source I still wanted a bigger and more controllable light softbox for my bigger more powerful light source, my impact 300 w/s strobe. This will force me to pretty much shoot a lot more in a more planned way than run and gun every time with my speedlite on-location rogue shooting lol. So this will, hopefully prompt me to find locations, the property owners/managers to hopefully get a chance to organize full blown shoot(s) there.

Anything that is "deep" is automatically less spill... less spill more efficiency on light, as well it is more focused, so if I wanted to, I can shoot without any diffuses and get fairly sharp shadow edges on the subject as my keylight. But with my usual style it will be mostly used as a soft light, which usually will bring in more spill, luckily with the added deep its a little more focused, PLUS I got a grid with it, so it'll be fairly very soft and focused to the subject... which this will require POWER! Luckily my impact 300 w/s should work great to power and shoot with the modifier and grid.