The new series (first series) I'm having on the blog that is for now just written form of course, is about jargon. When I say jargon it's what the model photography, overall area of photography and jargon that specifically is defined and misdefined very differently by every photographer and other type of workers in the model photography business. Now anything mentioned in this series just to note is just opinion and my opinion only (right now). I may make video/audio series on this when time allows to get a bit more exposure than just in written formats.
The index will be displayed here...
  1. Jargon 01: Nude and Implied
  2. Jargon 02: Portrait/Model Photography Jargon
  3. Jargon 03: Traditional and Non-Traditional Portrait Photography
  4. Jargon 04: Candid and Semi-Candid Photography
  5. Jargon 05: What is TF?
  6. Jargon 06: Lifestyle, Documentary and Editorial Photography