Friday, March 25, 2011

Useful Links

Self-Help/Educational/Tutorial Sites

Brief Description: Industry News and Original Industry Journalism.

Brief Description: Industry News and Original Industry Journalism.

Brief Description: Great Video Photography Critiques.

Brief Description: Great helpful community in the forums and articles.
Brief Description: Educational Guides Resource - "How to Get the Most from" [video]
Brief Description: Gives great overall advice on photography, great for beginners, nikon users, product reviews are generally mostly nikon products, and great post production techniques.
Brief Description: All about Off Camera Flash Lighting
Brief Description: DSLR Video Production (all production- pre, during, and post)

Brief Description: Great tips on model photography, more specifically on working with models and photographers as a model or as a photographer. Basically the relationship, communication techniques needed to work with a model as a photographer or working with a photographer as a model.
Brief Description: Youtube channel Produced by Mark Wallace and Adorama giving very good instructional videos, video interviews, and product reviews.

Photography Jargon
Brief Description:  Photography terminology glossary.

Online Photography and Film Equipment Stores


Brief Description: A website to upload and market your photos, and as well have many communities to socialize on many different things.

Brief Description: Social network for the purpose of meeting individuals in real life to create images based on model photography. For models, model photographers, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, digital artists, photo retouchers, publications, body painters, wardrobe designers, and a whole lot more.


dPreview: dPreview has a great site tool that compares lenses which can be very useful on your research for an expensive lens. - check the tool out [here]

Professional Organizations

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