Monday, June 20, 2011

"A Day in the Life of a Vampire" - Model/Actor Details

For we can be on the same page, please go to the following link where I have all the links about this production... -

What kind of production is this? Well simply say this isn't your typical photo-shoot (at least I haven't any of this type). This photo shoot production is more designed to be a movie, but using still photos, and no it's not "time-lapses." This is Fine-Art Story-Telling with photos, morel like a comic book, but instead of using the typical graphics or art used in traditional comics I'm using photographs to tell me story in my comic-book series. But the photos WILL NOT HAVE ANY WORDS! Just photos, yea I understand it may be difficult to sell or whatever but the point to it, is it's more for photographers who like photos that has a story to tell. The first production of "Issue 1/Episode 1" will be produced mostly TF, but will offer royalty contracts if sold or flat rate fee once that time comes to have the ability to pay those who have given their time to help produce the first episode. 

The photo-shoot should be a total of 4 days (general "guessitmate"), on multiple locations in urban areas. 

Female Lead: I'm looking for a lead female actress, petite, pale skin, preferable red hair or dark color hair, 4 feet to 5'1 max, no higher than 110lbs. Other females may also apply but will not be applicable as lead but may be used in another role in the production. 

Female Roles: "Extras" just random people, "victims," and/or other vampires. No specific physical look necessary. 

Male Roles: As for males, I am looking for very big muscular/athletic/toned males, at least 5'9 or higher. And "Extras" just random people, "victims," and/or other vampires.

Model Notes: 

- This is more like a movie, so action will take place and holding still for certain actions may be required. 

- You must be able to work with me on a separate shoot to prove you're reliable, please do not contact me if you're unable to do this. 

- READ my Models notes on my MM profile page, and my TF Agreement.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ashley Lynn Swimsuit

These are the phase 1 of this batch, there may be a phase 2 with some more... But here's most of them.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Right Time to Pay Models....?

I'd like to know everyone's opinion from photographers, to models, anyone within the industry, when is the right time to start paying a model to model? 

In my opinion (even as inexperienced photographer that I am) as a business person I don't invest into anything unless I know for sure I'm getting money back or it is likely to bring in money of some sort. I will not pay any models to model for me unless I'm selling the work created from the production we've worked on for currency/cash incentives, i.e. stock photography, magazines/published, etc. As for paying a model who is much more experienced than I am for the opportunity to have that model on my portfolio yea sure but thats when I know I could afford to and I know the exposure from their fans (if they have a fan base) will strongly benefit me.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


A new production titled "Emotions..."

I want to have at least 5 female models and 5 male models showing their abilities in showing authentic emotion in headshots. This will strongly benefit those models that are going for an acting career as many casting/film directors are looking for these abilities. The primary emotion that would be focused in this production and expected by all participants is the ability to authentically cry, no special effects or camera tricks, just cry on cue.

Those interested hit me up an email at or/and add me on facebook at

Hope to working with great potential actors in the near future!

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