Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Let me explain why I may seem demanding when working with TF Models...

I ask a lot from TF models because I don't want my time wasted by not so serious models. My time has a great value with me and dealing with not so serious, immature, unprofessional models is the #1 thing I want to avoid in my career of model photography. And how do I avoid them you may ask? By having models to go through a certain process in place that ONLY mature, serious, and professional models would attempt, period! This may or may not sound like a rant, but I seriously want to only have a maximum level of efficiency for my life and my company. And dealing with not so serious, immature, and unprofessional models is not allowed under any circumstances in my standards of expected productivity. 

Here's in more simple terms...
  1. I get less models who will waste my time (less not serious models), but I will get more of better quality models who are willing to accept my terms of my process asks.
  2. The process is designed to make everything run smoothly for all parties involved. I get satisfaction and you get satisfaction, guaranteed if you follow my process 100%.
  3. Now there is an option to not go through the process, but that would cost you my services which is available at the above links under "Services." It's that simple. If you don't like to read simply get a person who enjoys to read and would do you that favor to interpret it to you.

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