Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photographer to Models Tips Series: Index Post

The following are tips from myself as a model photographer. These are tips that would best suit you the model in the freelance world when working with other model photographers. As stated above these tips are not rules of any kind it is only a guide that will suit those that logically understand them easily.

  1. TFCD vs. TFP and Portfolio Tips
  2. Expected Level of Professionalism
  3. Professionalism: Straight Talk!
  4. Home Studio or "Real" Studio?
  5. Marketing, Freelance, and Making Cash…
  6. What Makes or Breaks a Model’s Success? PART 1: Work Ethics
  7. What Makes or Breaks a Model’s Success? PART 2: Physical Attraction
  8. What Makes or Breaks a Model’s Success? PART 3: Pose/Facial Expression
  9. What Makes or Breaks a Model’s Success? PART 4: Photography Knowledge
  10. Paying a Photographer vs. Trading (TF) w/ a Photographer... Does it matter to you as a Model?
  11. How to Get Paid Gigs within the Freelance World.
  12. What is a Freelance Model?
  13. Modeling Photography Types
  14. 6 Do's and Don'ts for Freelance Models working with a Photographer
  15. Can I Be a Model?

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