Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Studio...

The Studio

This is stage 2.0, which upgraded from stage 1.0 with the location of the studio in my house and equipment. This is the basics of what's in my studio.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Question 2: How to shoot in a home studio without hard floors?

I have my home studio setup in a room in the house where it's carpet. I do plan on removing the carpet and putting some kind of hard flooring, but until I do what can I do while shooting full body shots where it requires the feet/foot to be included? I'm using seamless paper now, should I invest into the other type of backdrops that isn't seamless paper to put on top of the carpet?

I'll make a video on this question sometime this week, also showing my home studio as well for you can fully see and understand my situation.

Question Posted on Yahoo! Answers...
Answered: How to shoot in a home studio without hard floors?

I'm going to post the video question still, but since I have some idea on how to solve this problem I'm going to attempt it and show my attempt on video and see if I could create decent photos of myself. (Decent photos not considering the fact I'm not a model, just decent as in exposure, composition, lighting, etc.)