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TF Agreement Contract

Last Updated: 02/19/2013
This is a legal and binding contract, negotiable only BEFORE the shoot (and/or before you sign it), NOT AFTER!

TF Agreement Contract

What you get out of this photo shoot with me is the following
- Experience as a model
- TFCD (Trade For CD): Low/web resolution images of the photos we have selected from our photoshoot(s).You can do whatever with the photos, just you may NOT edit the photo and you may NOT print the photos out. You will get the best photos that we have selected in digital copies format at low resolution/web friendly (optimized) photos from our shoot(s).
- TFP (Trade for Print): $20 credit to print finalized photos (without watermark), and prints only directly ordered with me from my business site -
- Any photos used as in a for profit gain on my end at anytime you will receive compensation for the usage, but the primary usage from what we're agreeing for this agreement are for advertising and promotional purposes only (including public/private portfolios), there is no intent for direct profit gain, nor should I gain any profit from the images unless I have offered a compensation (of USD) offer to the individuals involved in the photoshoot. If I receive an offer I would contact you (the model(s)) for compensation agreement contract for specific photos to use in a for-profit/commercial usage gain.
- As a Bonus, you would get free photo retouching on photos I've selected from the shoot(s) and we have worked on.


Post Production Process (Studio Shoots)

Post production starts immediately once I have stopped shooting (right after the shoot). 

I will have full control of what gets chosen and edited.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q2: Where photos would be displayed?
Q3: What copyrights usages do I and the photographer get?
Q4: Is Escorts ok?
Q5: What kind of Compensation for this shoot?
Q6: Model Releases?
Q7: How long is the model release valid?
Q8: Can I unpublish/request removal of the photos after they're published?
Q9: Can I get high resolution photos?
Q10: Can I remove watermark?
Q11: Can I get a commercial license?
Q12: How long will it be until I get the photos?
Q13: How many photos will I get?

Answers Below
  • Q3: What copyrights usages do I get? A:
    • Photographer: After you've signed the model release form and our TF Contract Agreement, I have the rights to use the images for advertising/promotion/marketing, and portfolio public and private. If I get offers to use the photos for profit gain I will contact you, the model(s), and will make an offer with USD compensation for the shoot, but can choose not to sell your likenesses from the photo(s) rights for profit gain.
    • Model: You will have Partial Copyright usage, you can do whatever with the photos, just can't edit too much that the original "look" of the photo is diminished, and you can print the photos out in any way you feel, just don't profit from the photo because you have partial copyright usage. If you profit from it I deserve compensation for my work on the image as well. The final results from photoshoot(s) are a team effort, not just the model(s). You CANNOT remove watermarks without written permission from me (as photographer) and written permission of each individual photo you’d like to remove the watermarks from. If you profit from the images in any way without my legal and written permission this is copyright infringement violation and legal action will take place.
  • Q2: Where photos would be displayed? A: The photos will be displayed such places such as… on my flickr page, facebook fanpage(s), facebook account/fan page(s),, myspace, twitter, linkedIn, model mayhem, deviantart, and other form of social networks, as well on online advertising and physical advertising, promotional products from the Chris Adval Productions Brand.
  • Q4: Yes.
  • Q5: TFCD. (What is TF? Trade For... Time/Print/CD)
  • Q6: Yes, there is Model Releases. You sign away your partial rights to me, as this TFCD/TFP Shoot is EQUAL RIGHTS. (More information above)
  • Q7: Forever. Not Lifetime because that would mean ether myself the photographer and/or you the model(s)'s lifetime.
  • Q8: You cannot unpublish/request removal of photos after they have been released, once you sign the model release the photos will be published. What I can do is sell you my partial rights to you for you can have full rights to the photos. But once they are published (especially on the internet) I cannot take them offline even if I took them offline myself the internet saves the photos and other online users will save the photos and re-publish them.
  • Q9: NO! You will not receive any high resolution digital copies, but if you're interested in ordering prints you may do so directly from me on my business site [here -] note you may receive $20 credit for prints to order directly from me.
  • Q10: Yes, for a cost. To just remove the watermarks from web or/and print digital copies you can make me an offer and we'll negotiate, or you can rent/buy a commercial license. (*I have watermarks for marketing and advertising purposes, you may not remove them without violating the copyright)
  • Q11: Yes, for a cost. TF is just for personal usage copyrights, but you can buy or rent the commercial license. When you buy/rent a commercial license watermarks will be removed as well on print/web digital copies.
  • Q12: When its TF, paid work becomes priority, but generally when paid work isn't affecting the TF post production its about 2-4 images -for female models- per week, and 2-4 images per wardrobe or/and environment. 5-10 images -for male models- per week (varies dependent on TF project, some may or may not require a lot of skin retouching but most of my work I do work on the female model's skin a lot more than a male model's skin, and varies again on paid post production, and overall time) *NO GUARANTEE or Promises! Some images may have an intended use of editorial which sometimes can take 6-12 or at times 16 months before they see the light of day, including individuals involved in the making of it.
  • Q13:  Such as Q12, it will vary on project, and will vary on amount of wardrobe and environment changes. Generally, my averages are 2-4 final images per wardrobe or environment change.

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