Casting Calls that are Open
  1. The Posing Project [TF]
  2. Recreation Project: "Why So Serious?"  [TF]
  3. Calvin Klein Styled Shoot  [TF]
  4. Be the Bride! (Bridal Shoot)  [TF]
  5. Print Advertising Portfolio Shoot [TF]
  6. Environmental Portrait Day and Night Experiment & Challenge  [TF]
  7. Female/Male Models, Side-by-Side MUA/Hair Stylists/Wardrobe Stylists Portfolio Shoot!  [TF]
Make sure to check out my concepts list for clothed concepts [here] and implied concepts [here].

Casting Calls that are closed
  1. Allentown's ALL DAY TF Shoot! - May 25th 2012  [TF] - [Closes on May 24th 2012, Shooting is on the 25th]
  2. Harrisburg's ALL DAY TF Shoot Round 2! - May 6th 2012 [TF] - [Closes on May 6th 2012, Shooting is on the 6th]
  3. Morgantown's ALL DAY TF Shoot! [TF] - [Closes on Jan. 14th 2012, Shooting is on the 15th]
  4. Harrisburg's ALL DAY Street Shoot! [Closes on Jan 12th 2012, Shooting is on the 13th]
  5. Philly's All Day Street Shoot!
  6. December Studio Shooting w/ Professional Makeup Artist! [Closes on December 31st 2011]
  7. East Stroudsburg's ALL DAY TF Shoot! - June 26th 2012 [TF] - [Closes on June 25th 2012, Shooting is on June 26th 2012]
  8. King of Prussia's ALL DAY TF Shoot! - July 18th 2012  [TF]  - [Closes on July 17th 2012, Shooting is on July 18th 2012]
    At any time you're interested in participating in any of the casting calls or have questions about them contact me at one of the following methods...

    Skype: Chris.Adval

    If you're a model and you're interested in a TF casting call please [Click Here] for details.