Thursday, December 1, 2016

UNBOXING: Cheetah Rice Bowl

Link to product:

First unboxing in a while honestly... may be a while for my next but I thought I'd share it! 

What prompted me to buy it was not just the Black Friday deal... this item was on my wishlist for a long while. I've been using my Lastolite 30x30 (EZ BOX) speedlite softbox for a long time. While I still plan to use it when run and gun on-location shooting or as an added light source I still wanted a bigger and more controllable light softbox for my bigger more powerful light source, my impact 300 w/s strobe. This will force me to pretty much shoot a lot more in a more planned way than run and gun every time with my speedlite on-location rogue shooting lol. So this will, hopefully prompt me to find locations, the property owners/managers to hopefully get a chance to organize full blown shoot(s) there.

Anything that is "deep" is automatically less spill... less spill more efficiency on light, as well it is more focused, so if I wanted to, I can shoot without any diffuses and get fairly sharp shadow edges on the subject as my keylight. But with my usual style it will be mostly used as a soft light, which usually will bring in more spill, luckily with the added deep its a little more focused, PLUS I got a grid with it, so it'll be fairly very soft and focused to the subject... which this will require POWER! Luckily my impact 300 w/s should work great to power and shoot with the modifier and grid. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Photo Plus Expo 2016 Reviewed!

These are my own personal thoughts of what I thought was interesting. I did not cover anything that was not interesting to my own interests or thought was revolutionary.

5:02 Media Booth Pro (Photo Booth)
6:05 Vuze (3D/VR Camera)
7:18 Sony A7RII
8:54 Sony A7SII
12:19 THETA 360 Camera
14:35 The Lens Flipper 
16:58 Some LED lighting gear I forgot to get the name of...sorry.
17:40 Wacom (Retouching tool)
19:28 Bowens (Strobe units, also talk about Flashpoint's XPLOR)
21:50 is Came-TV (Gimbals/Stabilizers)
23:08 Another one I forgot, could be the app or the thing moving the camera around, or both... sorry.
24:35 Typhoon4k (Drone)
25:46 More LED lighting equipment, Zylight
26:43 Education (Peter Hurley shown as reference)
28:17 Foto Master (Photo Booth)
30:17 Lastolite (Softboxes)
31:41 Sigma 85mm 1.4 ART Lens with sample images on the Canon 6D
34:28 Sony Booth
35:20 iKan Booth - Video Equipment
36:49 Networking and Shoots in NYC

Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to Find Models in a Weak Market. - UPDATE

Original Article

Well it's been over a year since I started my venture into expanding my ability and skills in finding new models or people whom may want to be photographed as models...and my thoughts? 

Simple... it did work a lot better than I expected... but still underwhelming, unsurprisingly. Sadly for the goals I have in my photography and portfolio I will need to move to a more heavy populated area closer to major cities, such as for me the closest that isn't too big or too small is Philadelphia, PA. 

Not just models I'll more access to, but I'll have access to all and vast amounts of different talent I can collaborate with and expand not just my portfolio but my skills as a photographer, art director and now exploring more into video work directing/producing content. Honestly, I wished I have realized this sooner. I was told I could have either discovered talent and create models from ground up, and I can.... but for what I need in my portfolio requires certain looks to appeal to the fashion industry (like high fashion models). And experience helps, but not required from a model. I don't intend to explore too many concepts that require a ton of complex modeling skills since my techniques I am heavily inspired by Annie Leibovitz. Trying to keep it natural is my goal... yea sometimes I do like to play with more complex concepts, but I do most of the time aim for my style to come off as natural looking as much as I can.

As for my NEPA Modeling Search... I can make it work, but to truly make it work requires either CASH or sponsors. Can't make the NEPA region want to participate if no prizes are involved or "glitz" and fame is anywhere in sight in the group. People want something more than just images these days sadly, especially in the NEPA region. I will continue to work on it even as I move a little further south, but less focused and time dedicated to it. It would have to be entirely dependent on sponsors since images for people is not enough to simply show up and get some photos, especially when they do not see themselves as models or ever intend to become a "model" professionally. Time is extremely limited and doing a photoshoot seems fun, but with most young people whom are fighting to survive by keeping up with bills and working 2-3 jobs...doing a photoshoot that isn't paying off isn't worth doing...even if its for a trade (or free in their minds).

The Logistics

I've thought about the logistics as a business mind would. I would need to spend 7 years to equal my 1-2 years in or near a major city to collaborations. Which means the amount of work I get and do here in NEPA, could be done much faster time by being around more people aka talent aka creatives. I love what NEPA has given me in the past 6 years to have me grow from nothing to where I am now... which is something but not the level I want and need to be in my mind. I have struggled a ton finding people, not just models cause I know models do not exist in my area other than non-fashion models, which are fine and have worked with. But I have a vision for my portfolio and style to look more like what the fashion industry expects... which doesn't sound good, but they like what they like.... Just like how photography rules, learn them, master them, then break them intentionally. Once I'm there I'll learn to break the rules to get and become my own in the fashion photography. There are no clothing designers or wardrobe stylists in my entire region, so my only option was to be a wardrobe stylist. Did that for a year, didn't mind to learn that skill at all. But it can be exhausting and totally take off the focus as being the Art Director and Photographer for the photoshoot.

I know it sounds like complaining, just telling it how it is. I am exhausted, but its part of the struggle. I am learning and moving up my skills as time moves on. And to continue to learn and move up requires me moving, I will. 

New content is coming...

It's been about a year since I posted... Been working on a ton of new skills and portfolio building as usual for the past 6 years... It's time for a change since I started last year to focus on business and content creation to get the word/name out there. If anyone whomever is following this blog, if anyone lol... I am working on more youtube right now and for the following year. It'll be a mix of stuff, but if you want to see any content from me it'll be on my youtube channel first. I'll try to re-post it here that is related to the blog but honestly not every video will be about shooting model photography. I'll be working on a few different channels. Different series ideas. Some would be helpful for photographers, some are helpful to models, and some completely left field like my Anxiety channel I have in the works. Check out my youtube, simply either click here or search my name.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Glamour Photography IS NOT FOR YOU!

Well I now that I have your attention. I don't mean everyone, I mean the vast majority of photographers should not bother pursuing glamour aka boudoir aka nude/implied type of photography, unless you know its purely for hobby/fun/fine art purposes. And when I say the vast majority I mean, men... yes men... I know, I know men were the first to photograph women in glamorous ways back in the days, but today's reality where more people can get into photography this allows more women to enter it too. When there is more women specifically working in glamour the obvious choice for more consumers will be a female photographer. You as a male CANNOT compete most of the time.