Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Model Tips to prepping for a shoot with ME...

These tips are very common sense but I have to say it to ensure you don't forget as "most models" would easily forget a lot of things without a constant reminder like myself or a manager would be doing but in the freelance world of modeling there is rarely a manager around. Note this is only a guideline (for TF work, required for model I'm paying) of tips of prepping yourself as the model and shooting for me, not required, this is to ensure the best possible photos are taken and to reduce as much as possible post production time.

  1. Fully charge you cell phone(s) the night before we shoot. Plus have your cell phone volume to the MAX level!
  2. Inspect wardrobe thoroughly, no hairs, specs of any material not part of the wardrobe on the clothing, wrinkles, clean them off make sure the wardrobe looks as perfect as possible. 
  3. Females please no strap bras if possible! Strapless is highly recommended for professional looking photos, or even just stickers around nipple areas, unless recommended by me to wear a bra for a certain look otherwise please no strap bras.
  4. Wardrobe General Rules unless specified during pre-production: No Logos, No extreme colors (bright and neon colors), No stripes, and No designs. 
  5. Ensure all agreed and approved wardrobe we spoke about during pre-production is packed and ready to go... but if possible DO NOT fold the wardrobe please use some kind of clothing hanger and plastic wrap to wrap the clothing after being cleaned/inspected. And then place the wardrobe carefully into your vehicle (ensure no objects but other wardrobe is placed on each other).
  6. Shave the night before female models, if possible and if no trouble all areas that we plan on photographing, arms, head -neck/face (for some), legs, etc... and males please shave a few hours before the shoot for a clean shaved look (on the face and depending on the concept) but if I ask you to have a clean shave use a stick/cream if possible.
  7. If you're not driving to my location for the shoot and you're having another person you know driving you to my location, please call and confirm with them the night before, and the morning of... remind, remind, remind!! In many cases if you don't follow this it can lead to not having a ride to the shoot and causing you to cancel the shoot and making you look bad and unreliable.
  8. At least for the first few days before shooting get good sleep if possible, if you don't this tends to cause dark or/and puffy circles under your eyes and would cause more work for me and/or my MUA (if MUA is at shoot) more work and time. And drink enough WATER!
  9. If you tan at all please ensure to not have any tan-lines for our shoot(s), this will cause an increase in post processing time and will decrease your rates if you're being paid.
  10. Please be sure to check "Some Good Poses" article for some insight on some good poses.
  11. Wardrobe/Makeup Basics (if you're bringing your own...)
    1. No reflective material (and makeup)
    2. No patterns/designs
    3. No logos
  12. Please ensure to have very clean and healthy looking skin before the shoot (no excessive amount of red dots, rashes, etc.).
That's pretty much it for now, this page will be continuously be updated as time goes on... subject to change at any time without notice.

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