Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jargon Series and Content Update

A little side note before I start this post is I know I haven't been posting any videos at all for many reasons, one primarily being because I'm extremely busy and more focused on recruiting local NEPA/SEPA models on MM, as well actually shooting and doing pre-production meetings, and of course the painfully annoying post-production (which is a lot). Second is I have very little confidence in my speaking abilities when ether on video or audio format media to deliver content but I am trying to push myself into creating great quality content and I do tend to be extremely picky and end up taking a long time to edit my poor quality speaking skills after recordings. So, I'm sure you guys understand why most or all my current content is just written.

Anyways, the new series (first series) I'm having on the blog that is for now just written form of course, is about jargon. When I say jargon it's what the model photography, overall area of photography and jargon that specifically is defined and misdefined very differently by every photographer and other type of workers in the model photography business. Now anything mentioned in this series just to note is just opinion and my opinion only (right now). I may make video/audio series on this when time allows to get a bit more exposure than just in written formats.
Here's the first week article.

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