Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Red Chair

First off, this was my very first legit attempt at photographing animals in a editorial type of photoshoot. Not counting candid, which is by far much easier (HA!)! 

What I came to learn from this shoot is bar none... is to have a squeaky toy! This is a must! Of course you can simply have an assistant jumping around around/under you to get the dog's attention to your camera, but most of the time I won't always have an assistant on my project shoots, especially when its indoors and no time limit like this one. Plus this was not just a one animal/pet shoot... I wanted to get as many dogs they had (which was 4?) in the frame looking at me. I soon realized this would be an impossible task with what I had available, so I decided to do a one by one and get the best shots I could. Check the video below at my attempt!