Monday, July 11, 2011

Models and Photographers Tip: Market Yourselves!

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional; these are my opinions and my opinions only and based on my own experiences in model photography.
First you need to get as much exposure as possible while being a model and/or model photographer. A another form of exposure is networking, so network, network, NETWORK! Especially with real life networks than online networks.

Places on the net you need to consider being apart of for exposure...

  1. Model Mayhem: Great place online to network with fellow models, photographers, muas, and other crew members necessary to create amazing model photography photos. Just note a minority is serious inquires so having patience is a must!
  2. Flickr: An online image storage website where people share photos and join flickr groups communities. A lot of photographers use this site to share their work, and rarely any models go on here but it is very highly recommended for models to join to get exposure to the people who loves viewing model photography.
  3. Deviantart: Deviantart is a place where artists get together and share their work. Both welcome models and photographers.
  4. Facebook Fanpages and Dedicated Accounts to Modeling/Photography: Get a fanpage, and get a dedicated account to only your modeling or/and photography. Don't use your personal account for many reasons you should understand with common sense. Great usage to build a fanbase and thats you need to get a lot of exposure and following.
  5. Twitter: A place to micro-blog with fellow fans and friends of your photography/modeling. Get it!
  6. Linkin: is a place for business networking, make a profile for yourself as a talent or/and company. Good place if you want or need some business networking.

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