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Models and Photographers Tips 06: The Importance of Having a Solid Brand Foundation

Models and Photographers Tips 06
The Importance of Having a Solid Brand Foundation

The importance of having a solid brand foundation when starting up a brand of your own as a photographer. If you've already started one its okay, you can reboot your brand with the following tips.

If you’re confident enough to start your own photography business or you know you will be starting and running your own photography business you need to build yourself as a brand. And it’s not as simple as it sounds; you need to understand, have short/long term goals, and be very consistent. Meaning when you are building a solid foundation of start up brand it is extremely necessary you avoid as many weak points as much as you possibly can… but how to avoid those weak points from being taken advantage of in the near or far future of the brand’s lifespan?

Have an alias name as your brand name (at least when starting and eventually changing your legal name to your brand name once the brand is much more established) What are the advantage and disadvantages in doing this?

By having your legal name out of the public's eye it will protect your personal information and personal life out of your brand.
  • Let’s say you made some “mistakes” or actions that could be judged by the public (potential clients, audiences, fans) in your personal life in the past before you started the brand and by having an alias this will put up a wall against tabloids, media, and competitors looking to make your public image look bad. And a wall from your personal life, and not your brand's life just to clarify.
  • Another advantage is what if your name is very difficult to pronounce, or/and spell to your audience? If your audience cannot pronounce it that is a very big problem… What can you do? Have an alias designed to sound good, easy to pronounce and spell, but as well be very unique.

  • When making an alias you need to keep in mind the following…
    1. Easy to pronounce and sound appealing
    2. Easy to spell, unique spelling - Looks interesting and appealing
    3. And especially isn’t used by any public figures, or at least anyone within your industry.
    The advantage and goal you should be thinking is the results on google, your goal should be showing up #1 in those results and if your name has a unique spelling you should be on top of that list easily.

    People who may know you personally may not be able to find your work or brand unless you tell them personally. It’s not a big con, it can be fixed very easily if people you know personally have your business card, or you told them directly about your brand, or if they’re already in the targeted audience so they should already know your brand if properly marketed and advertised.

    As I’ve mentioned in another article post GO MARKET YOURSELVES TODAY!

    Quick Tips to having PROPER Marketing and Branding:
    You need a dedicated professional facebook profile account, facebook fanpage, dedicated email account either on your domain or use gmail, Twitter, Model Mayhem (for model photographers), flickr, skype, and optional but highly recommended a blog where you post some tips (relevant to your services like photography) you’re confident in sharing, and LinkedIn. And get a domain (.com, .biz, etc.)

    When making social media accounts and domain(s) please be consistent!
    What do I mean? I mean if you make an alias name of Robert Deeds, this is what you need to do…
    1. Get a domain at a domain register ( such as
    2. Create an email account on gmail and on your domain, i.e. and
    3. Register social media accounts exactly the same spelling, no special characters or numbers…

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