Thursday, October 6, 2011

Facebook Group: Photography Pennsylvania Network

As you guys may already know I take networking pretty serious so I made a group on facebook for fellow Photographers , Models, MUAs, Wardrobe Stylists, Hair Stylists - any level, pro or amateur, heck anyone who's interested in photography pretty much!


Check it out! 
Group Description: A group designed to NETWORK.... IN PERSON!!!  (in the photography world, in Pennsylvania)

As well sharing each other's work, activities, websites, articles, blogs, social media, casting calls, travel notices, and anything that relates to networking in person with people in the photography world from newbies to pros looking to be involved in the photography world... Any type of photography, but primarily most focused in model photography.

Currently this is an open group, so expect heavy admin moderation on spam. Spam meaning continues messages of the same messages, or messages with dead links, messages to suspicious websites. Please don't post links that prompt downloads, it will be deleted.  

Advertising services is okay if its related to photography or directed to photographers, just keep in mind of spam (can't post the same ad post more than once in a 24hour period).

Please don't post contests, sweepstakes, etc... they're too tricky too tell if they are legit. So keep them off or I'll delete them.

Please don't post meetup groups that require cash investments from anyone, if they are it'll be okay only if you're meeting at a private venue like bar... but asking for cash just to be around you or/and meet you... no, not allowed. 

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