Friday, September 30, 2011

Jargon 05: What is TF?

What is TF?

TF generally stands for “TRADE FOR…” or “TIME FOR…” and you fill in the blank with the following...
  • TFP: Generally known as Trade for Print, some may use this as Trade for Portfolio, or Photo, but its most accepted as Trade for Print.
  • TFCD: Generally known as Trade for CD, either an actual CD with the digital photos from the shoot or transferred online via server download, email, etc.

Those are the only two that’s accepted and used by everyone in the freelance world of model photography, but there are some others that are for trade but don’t use abbreviations, such as Trade for Tear Sheet (published photos into a magazine or other similar publishing), Trade for Wardrobe (clothing), Trade for Supplies, or even Trade for Publicity (if the photographer is well known and/or model is well known, they can trade promotional exposure to benefit each other).

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