Thursday, October 6, 2011

CASTING CALL for: Environmental Portrait Day and Night Experiment & Challenge

Concept: Trying to have the ability to capture mostly at night time using both only ambient lighting and artificial lighting using a model with the environment. Goal is to find a hot spot, and heavily pre-plan on what we're all doing before being on the spot. The Challenge will be 10min per spot, from setup, shooting, and "un-setup." Spots will be chosen before pre-planning start to enable us to complete the time challenge. Everything will be video recorded for educational and entertainment purposes.

Location: I'm willing to travel pretty much anywhere in the north eastern area of Pennsylvania (NEPA) and maybe to the south east of PA as well. My location I'm coming from is Hazleton, PA Zip: 18201

Possible Locations I want to shoot would be urban areas ("alleyway looking") such as philly, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, etc.

Dates: NONE (This is a continuous project of multiple shoots)

Compensation: TF

CASTING CALL for the Following...
(for one specific shoot, but this experimental shoot will be a series of shoots)

  1. Female and/or Male Model
    • Wardrobe (you provide) self-provided (unless told)
    • Makeup MAYBE
    • About any style of modeling (no parts modeling); mostly glamour/implieds, fashion, catalog, conceptual/acting, and alternative.
    • [Click here if you're interested]
  2. Makeup Artist - All or one of the following is needed
    • "Natural"
    • High Fashion
    • Special Effects
    • Body Paint
  3. Wardrobe Stylist/Clothing Designer (if you can provide wardrobe one or all of the following)
    • High Fashion - Modern
    • Modern Corsets
    • Modern Fitting Jeans (Ultra Tight)
  4. Photographer Assistants
    • Knowledge and understanding of Light and Lighting equipment, more specifically in using speedlights.
    • If you have any speedlights that is either Canon or Yungro to use during the shoot
    • Carrying and holding lighting and other equipment
    • Possibly carrying around ladder for certain conceptual/environmental shoot locations
  5. Videographer
    • Document activities either with camera I provide or your own
At any time you're interested in participating in any of the casting calls or have questions about them contact me at one of the following methods...

Skype: Chris.Adval

If you're a model and you're interested in a TF casting call please [Click Here] for details.

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