Monday, August 15, 2011

Jargon 04: Candid and Semi-Candid Photography

What is Candid and Semi-Candid Photography

Cadid photography is generally when seen in celebrity tabloids. That is when it’s truly candid when the subject has obsolete no knowledge of being photographed. Other types of candids are generally in press or media photography such as when celebrities walk down the red carpet or during a public event, they get photographed and sometimes pose or not pose at all and just got photographed as they walk into an event, during an event or after the event...

As for Semi-Candid photography the photography direct subject(s) to a specific location, time, and may suggest to do a specific act or not, while the photographer is placed in hidden and strategic locations of the area.

Generally within candid photography a photographer would just direct subject(s) to act out in a specific activity or act, and the photographer is in plain sight, this is more known as the traditional style of candid photography.

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