Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Posing Project...

This is my very first, long term project (maybe even life time) photography project. 

What is the Posing Project?
This is a project of photographing artistic models, dancers, or other performers. Anyone who can show art within a pose. 

Why do this Project?
I'll admit, posing models isn't my strongest skill in photography. Personally I believe I  photograph model's who can pose themselves very well already, and tweak their pose to my own liking. But those who bring that foundation in posing. This is for any type of photos except headshots of course.

This time around, through this project, I want to learn by showing unique and interesting poses that models, dancers, and other performers can bring to the table. I don't believe in the "barbie" like posing where I put the model/subject's hand, chin, leg, etc., here and there. To me, it does not look natural and generally would create stiff looking models when that type of modeling is done.

My project goal would eventually be  to print a book.

How to Become a Participant?
Simple, as this entire project would be solely a TRADE project. If you're unsure what is TRADE please click here for details on what that is. 

What you'll get are all of the photos I feel are technically perfect, but only release them to you. Which ones you choose to show off to your fans is entirely up to you. The images released to you would have minimal editing, please keep this in mind. The ones I choose to show for my project will be edited fully, but would only be 1-2 photos from each shoot, depending on your artistic poses, to show in the project. Images that are given to you will be high resolution and unwatermarked, but keep in mind I retain ALL copyrights. Please do not sell the images. You may use them for promotional/advertising purposes the same way I do. If I were to sell an image with your face/body in it I will give you 10% of that sale.

Please note I do not normally provide high resolution images in trade photoshoots and unwatermarked images. If I do choose to provide you with the full intense editing, they will be low resolution watermarked images. If you'd like to have some of the images I did not choose for the project edited further,  I do offer $80/per hour for full in-depth editing (based on my  editing style).

I'm willing to travel up to 1-2 hours (drive time) depending on your look and reputation. This may be a location nearby to you or myself, depending if you can make the trip to my area (Hazleton, PA/North East PA region). If you're way outside of my 1-2 hour drive radius simply ask if I'm ever stopping by your area, I do travel time to time. I got plans for Pittsburgh, PA (5-6 hour drive) and Florida. 

If interested simply contact me on facebook.

Here's an index of posts of my previous shoots regarding this project
01 - Heather G.

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