Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to be Efficient and Effective when Paying Models: "Kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone"

As a model photographer we sometimes may need to invest into paying an experienced model that has more skills and the right looks we need to enhance our portfolios. 

Instead of just paying a model for more skills and most appealing looks that would enhance my portfolio I've decided to re-use those images for other areas to possibly earn the money I've invested back. And I know this may sound obvious and "common sense" information, but I just want to say it just in case those whom haven't. 

Instead of just enhancing your overall portfolio or specific area portfolios, use the photos for SALES!

Such as selling your own print products, such as simple 8x10s or posters, etc. You will have a difficult time selling these items online as these items are much more of an impulse buying item. So selling them online will not work unless you've already have a strong and active following yourself or the model themselves (if they pushed the products).

So, if you're on a small budget like myself, just simply do is build a collection of photos you have full rights to sell (with model release) and when you have at least 5-10 different great image you'd like to invest into for small print run, like 25 posters of each image (which can cost around $200-$300 depending the stock/quality and quantity). You can either do it for profit, or sell it to break even to spread your name out to locals, your choice.

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