Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Casting Call for Male Model!

I'm looking for a Muse Model to work on many different projects. 

I am basically looking for a male model willing to cut/grow hair on their head and face to manipulate for many different looks to be achieved. 

Body type I am aiming for is slightly medium bulk and slightly ripped up on the muscular development. Also have very well fitted professional business suits and tuxes. 

This is for my personal projects during the winter season as outdoor environmentals will be very limited but still will want to try some environmental portraits in the colder weather as long as its safe for us and equipment, but primarily looking for a male model for a lot of studio shooting during the season. 

I am willing to pay for travel ($0.25/per mile round trip) of models in the 2 or less hour drive radius. 

Important part is I need you to look more mature, so if you still look young shaven or with facial hair this does not apply to you. Looking to shoot mature looking male models like mid 30s to mid 50s. If you are younger in those ages but you know you can look in those ages we can talk and see if this is actually work. 

Primary types of genre will include: Fashion, Lifestyle, Acting. Note acting may include some implied nude and underwear to tell certain stories in images.

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