Sunday, November 13, 2011

Model Photographer Tip 03: Get in with your Branding!

[This article can work for any photographer]

Starting up a Photography Business? Or even if you’re planning to open a photography business in the future?

While you’re still working on perfecting your photography skills and building up your equipment lineup, start marketing and branding with the following…

  1. Decide if your legal name is good enough for public viewing, what do I mean by that I mean ask yourselves is it easy to read, spell, and pronounce? Does it sound catchy? Would it be easy or difficult to build a logo around the name? Decide do you want your name to be the name of your company or do you want to make up a name like for example “Perfect Images” with no person/individual names being used.
  2. Setup a dedicated, professional and separate facebook profile (A profile facebook account is not a fanpage)
  3. Once you’ve setup a facebook account, setup a fanpage either both a fanpage that is dedicated to you as an artist for all of your work or/and make a second page dedicated to your business only as a small business fanpage or brand, or company.
  4. Setup a Twitter account
All it takes is time, energy and some knowledge in graphic design if you want to make your own logo which is very highly recommended to do so. This is the best way to get started when you know and are confident in the future you will be running your own photography business.

Keep in mind to be extremely consistent when making these accounts, make sure they’re using the same user names i.e. don’t make a twitter account with johnny124 and make a facebook Johnny photos, it will just look unprofessional and disorganized. And if possible use emails associated with the accounts from a .com domain or some kind of popular domain such as .com’s or .biz, etc… And if you can afford to get a domain get one! It’s $10/yr for most popular domains from I have about 10 different domains and have my own hosting plan with a 3 year agreement with godaddy.

There are other social media places online but the top two most important you need to be at is facebook and twitter.

To check a good example analyze my websites. I've separated my blog site from my business site on purpose for those clients who just wanted straight forward information on my services only. Go to for my business site, and my blog site and you would see I have a twitter feed, facebook account, plus two fanpages one for my artist work for my fans, and one for my small business where I do advertise directly to potential clients, or past clients.

Disagree or Agree to the above content? Make comments here with questions, statements, concerns, etc. or send them to my email at and I'll respond to them as soon as possible. Thank You and much appreciated! 

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