Monday, November 14, 2011

Why do I work for trade? - and - Portfolio Goals

Many photographers would love to get paid, and some don't care because its just a hobby. Myself personally I would love to get paid, but right now I have very specific goals for my portfolio that I have yet met and may not meet for at least another 2-3 years if I don't pay any models. If I pay models I'll cut my time in half or even more...unfortunately, because that money could go to other areas that are as or more important like equipment, advertising, etc... 

My Portfolio Goals I have yet to meet...
  1. Environmental Portraits
    • Where the model/subject is with the environment and compliments both the model and scene at that moment. 
    • Using only natural light to make fantastic photos
    • Using flash units outdoors as the key light and blowing out the ambient light nearly completely.
  2. Advertising Photography - using models
    • A perfect example is Levi's, Calvin Klein, etc. Generally when a story is in one image and selling the product being shown.
  3. Product Photography - for Advertising Photography
  4. Artistic Story-Telling/Conceptual Photography - Fine Art 
    • Primarily for my educational and personal projects that both expresses my personal characteristics and/or specifically designed to cater to a specific audience.
  5. Fine Art Nudes and Implieds
  6. Model Photography Theme/Concepts
    • Bikini
    • Professional
    • Glamour/Implieds
    • Fashion
    • Catalog
    • Lifestyle/Editorial 

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