Monday, May 9, 2011

What's a Good Model?

I've learned from listening to Photographer & Model Podcast. As for what is a photographer is looking for (generally):
  • Reliable; as this is the biggest problem between photographers and models today and maybe ever, most models no show no call/flake just because they do not have the confidence to tell the photographer they lost interest with the shoot. If you the model agree to a time/day and date(s) for photo shoots, you meet to those agreements period if not call/text whatever. Flaking will make you the model generate a reputation within the model photography world that you're a flake, so making all work slow down or completely stop, especially burning the bridges you've decided to flake on.
  • Strong and Professional Communication; being able to ask questions, give honest feedback, having reliable communication tools - i.e. cell phone with texting features, professional communication meaning private one on one in person meetings (I personally do not want to discuss my business with people who don't know anything about modeling or/and photography I only want to speak to people who are involved with the industry i.e. model, photographer, makeup artist, etc.)
  • Confidence; in your looks and poses
  • Opened Minded; being able to attempt many new and different things in photography, and taking some risks.
  • Knowing how to move your body (generally good dancers and/or actors have this)
The looks of a model is given, but generally the least priority to the photographer as long as the above list is met.

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