Monday, May 2, 2011

Process of Elimination

After doing some photo shoots a necessary process of elimination must be done. Generally speaking I shoot about 300-400 photos in a 2-4 hour photo shoot.What I have recently learned was to use this method such as picking one photo that I liked and then look for one that is similar but slightly or much better in any detail adjustments ether on camera or on the subject. Once I finalized on choosing a few good photos from a shoot I then take it to friends or even college instructors at the college I attend to and get their opinion on it. Then once that process has completed that is when I start on necessary touch ups in photo touching. 

Now picking photos for a portfolio is completely or somewhat different than picking out photos for a set to show off on your website, flickr, or facebook pages. Showing off the results of a photo shoot you should still use the process of elimination but for a portfolio is completely different because generally speaking you'd pick out the best of the best work you've ever done or if your doing a theme based portfolio you'd pick the best work in that theme, i.e. Pinup portfolio, you'd show the best work that is in that theme vs. another theme portfolio like Glamour you'd show the best work from Glamour.

Once I get a chance I'll show this process once I get a few solid portfolios to use and once I have a solid portfolio and with a lot more shoots under my belt thats when I'll do a process of elimination for a generalized portfolio.

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