Saturday, May 21, 2011

What is your procedure in running an On-Location shoot?

Question 3: What is your procedure in running an On-Location shoot?

As I've mentioned in my blog before about my first time on-location shoot and it ended up being a poor experience even though I did get some nice photos from the shoot. I would like some photographers to possibly share their procedures in picking location, dealing and working with the weather, picking the right days, etc.

Once I get the chance I'll be making this question a video to get some possible attention of other photographers. 


  1. Wow my procedure for on locations shoots is this
    1 If I have never been to the area before it needs to be scouted. This will give you and idea about what goes on in that area try and make it around the same time you are planning to do the shoot and stay there for while.
    2 Who owns it? The last thing you want to do is get kicked out of a place or go to jail for setting up a shoot in a location that its not allowed.
    3 Get in get done and get out. its normal best to get on site get your work done and get out as fast as you can while still doing a great job.
    4 if its outside shoot check the weather

    I did a on site shoot in a graveyard one night when I 1st started it was X-mas eve and it was a nude shoot well we did not follow any of the rules listed here and on top of getting snowed on, all of our gear getting wet. The Cops show up and see 6 nude females (all of witch were chained down or up in the air) 2 guys and me with taking pics of everything. We all when to jail but not before the Cop called in swat and everyone else that he could get.

  2. I thank you for sharing! Thanks for the tips and interesting story. I'm extremely careful when shooting outside, thats why I mostly do just studio right now. I've shot 2 on-location outside shoots on public property like at a state park. But I'm going to attempt some street photography in philly when I head down there to meet up some models, and I do plan to "shot and run." And of course make sure the background doesn't have anything unique in it.